New Fiction Titles, April 2017

Albert, Susan Wittig                            Last Chance Olive Ranch

Alexander, Tamera                             A Note Yet Unsung

Anthony, Piers                                    Ghost Writer in the Sky

Arden, Katherine                                 Bear and the Nightingale

Arlen, Tessa                                        A Death by Any Other Name

Baldacci, David                                   The Fix

Baskin, Joseph                                   Bughouse

Blackstock, Terri                                 If I’m Found

Boyce, Trudy                                       Old Bones

Bradley, Patricia                                 Justice Delayed

Branard, Lynn                                     Traveling Light

Brandt, Robert                                    Painted Trillium

Brodsky, Jordanna                               Winter of the Gods

Calvert, Candace                                Maybe It’s You

Camden, Elizabeth                              To the Farthest Shores

Cameron, Barbara                              Home to Paradise

Caryn, Dalila                                       Forgotten Sister

Cavallaro, Brittany                              Last of August

Cleeves, Ann                                       The Crow Trap

Coleman, K.R.                                     Deadman Anchor

Connealy, Mary                                  Long Time Gone

Deaver, Jeffery                                   Burial Hour

Evans, Mary Anna                               Artifacts

Evans, Mary Anna                               Relics

Fisher, Suzanne Woods                       The Newcomer

Flagg, Fannie                                       The Whole Town’s Talking

Freeman, Brian                                   Night Bird

Furniss, Clare                                      How Not to Disappear

George, Alex                                       Setting Free the Kites

Gilberg, Robert                                   Alice Chang

Gladstone,  Max                                  Book Burners

Gray, Shelley                                       An Uncommon Protector

Gray, Shelley                                       Her Secret

Hickie, Amanda                                   Before This is Over

Hilton, Laura                                       Amish Wanderer

Hogan, Ruth                                        Keeper of Lost Things

Hubbard, Charlotte                             A Mother’s Love

Hunt, James                                        The German

Iles, Greg                                             Mississippi Blood

James, Miranda                                  Twelve Angry Librarians

Jenoff, Pam                                         The Orphan’s Tale

Kelk, Lindsey                                       We Were on a Break

Kline, Christina                                    A Piece of the World

Lajeunesse, Dawn                               Star Catching

Lasky, Kathryn                                      Night Witches

Lennon, Christine                                The Drifter

Lewis, Beverly                                     Ebb Tide

Liggett, Cathy                                      The Sisters of Sugarcreek

Lipman, Elinor                                   On Turpentine Lane

Mackintosh, Clare                               I See You

MacRae, Molly                                   Plaid and Plagiarism

Martin, Kat                                          Into the Firestorm

McCall Smith, Alexander                    My Italian Bulldozer

McClain, Bren                                     One Good Mama Bone

Monroe, J.S.                                        Find Me

Napierski, Marty                                 Moonin Canoe & White Owl

Nielsen Susin                                       Optimists Die First

Patterson, James                                 Two from the Heart

Rosenstiel, Tom                                  Shining City

Ross, Ann B.                                        Miss Julia Weathers the Storm

Ryan, Dot                                            Hesterwine, Texas, 1943

Scalzi, John                                          The Collapsing Empire

Scarantino, James                               Compromised

Scottoline, Lisa                                    One Perfect Lie

Shepard, Sam                                      One Inside

Smith, Ali                                             Public Library and Other Stories

Solomon, Burt                                     Murder of Willie Lincoln

Spalsbury, Jeff                                      The White-Haired Buffalo Hunter

Taylor, Laini                                        Strange the Dreamer

Thomas, Rhiannon                              Long May She Reign

Todd, Charles                                      Shattered Tree

Touchell, Dianne                                 A Small Madness

Tyson, Wendy                                      Bitter Harvest

Ward, Amanda                                    Nearness of You

Ward, Catriona                                   Girl from Rawblood

Wells, Dan                                           Ones and Zeroes

White, Ellen                                        A Season of Daring Greatly

Williamson, Jill                                    By Darkness Hid

Wirestone, Max                                  Astonishing Mistakes of Dahlia Moss

Wiseman, Beth                                   An Amish Home

Wolk, Lauren                                       Wolf Hollow

Woods, Stuart                                      Fast & Loose

Zoboi, Ibi                                             American Street