New Fiction Titles, May 2017

Aveyard, Victoria                                King’s Cage

Baer, Marianna                                  Inconceivable Life of Quinn

Beakey, Chris                                      Fatal Option

Berry, Steve                                        Lost Order

Betley, Matthew                                 Oath of Honor

Bowen, Rhys                                        In Farleigh Field

Brandvold,  Peter                                To Hell on a Fast Horse

Brett, Simon                                        Mrs. Pargeter’s Public Relations

Brodsky, Jordanna                               The Immortals

Brown, Taylor                                     River of Kings

Butler, D.J.                                          Witchy Eye

Cabot, Amanda                                   A Stolen Heart

Cain, Sarah                                          One By One

Carey, Jacqueline                                Miranda and Caliban

Carter, Erika                                       Lucky You

Chokshi, Roshani                                 A Crown of Wishes

Coble, Colleen                                   Havens of Swans

Colt, Paul                                             Bogus Bondsman

Connolly, Sheila                                  Cruel Winter

Cooper, Marla                                    Dying on the Vine

Cooper, Susan                                   Best Served Cold

Davis, Rusty                                         Black Wins Pass

Dawn, Sasha                                        Splinter

Delany, Vicki                                       Elementary, She Read

DePoy, Phillip                                      English Agent

Doyle, Brian                                        Adventures of John Carson

Dye, Ginny                                           Always Forward

Egan, Kevin                                         Shattered Circle

Evans, Mary Anna                               Burials: a Longchamp Mystery

Evans, Richard Paul                            e Broken Road

Feehan, Christine                                Power Game

Flower, Amanda                                  Prose and Cons

Franze, Anthony                                  The Outsider

Fuller, Kathleen                                   Written in Love

Gabhart, A.H.                                      Murder is No Accident

Gay, Roxane                                        Difficult Women

Gill, John                                             Gargoyle Hunters

Graham, Marc                                    Of Ashes and Dust

Greenwood, T.                                    The Golden Hour

Grippando, James                               Most Dangerous Place

Grodt, J.W.                                          Ruined

Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet                       Waking Lions

Halverson, Sere                                   All the Winters After

Hannon, Irene                                     Sandpiper Cove

Hatvany, Amy                                      It Happens All the Time

Henderson, Dee                                  Threads of Suspicion

Hepinstall, Kathy                                 Book of Polly

Hillerman, Anne                                  Song of the Lion

Hinger, Charlotte                                Fractured Families

Holleman, Emily                                 The Drowning King

Horst, John                                          Case of the Silver Republicans

Jackson, Lisa                                        Ominous

Jackson, Mark                                     Tales of Zebadiah Creed

Johansen, Iris                                      No Easy Target

Kang, Han                                            Human Acts

Katachur, Karen                                  Sisters of Blue Mountain

Kearney, Meg                                     When You Never Said Goodbye

Kent, Christobel                                  The Loving Husband

King, Laurie                                         Murder of Mary Russell

Kostova, Elizabeth                               Shadow Land

Kovac, Christina                                  The Cutaway

LaCour, Nina                                       We are Okay

Landvick, Lorna                                   Once in a Blue Moon

LoTempio, T.C.                                    Purr M for Murder

Lustbader, Eric                                    The Fallen

Macallister, Greer                              Girl in Disguise

MacLean, Heather                              Toward a Secret Sky

Mallery, Susan                                    A Million Little Things

Margariel, Daniel                               One of the Boys

Mayo, Matthew                                  North of Forsaken

McCarthy, Andrew                              Just Fly Away

McCoy, Mary                                      Camp So-And-So

McNeal, Laura                                    Practice House

Merullo, Roland                                  The Delight of Being Ordinary

Michaels, Fern                                    High Stakes

Minick, Jim                                          Fire is Your Water

Miranda, Megan                                 Perfect Stranger

Neuvel, Sylvanin                                  Waking Gods

North, Claire                                       End of the Day

O’Loughlin, Ed                                    Minds of Winter

Oakley, Colleen                                   Close Enough to Touch

Olson, Karen                                       Betrayed

Parks, Brad                                          Say Nothing

Patterson, James                                 16th Seduction

Patterson, James                                 Detective Cross

Patterson, James                                 Private Gold

Pelletier, Stacia                                   Half Wives

Perabo, Susan                                     The Fall of Lisa Bellow

Pywell, Sharon                                    Romance Readers Guide to Life

Quirk, Matthew                                  Dead Man Switch

Raverat, Anna                                     Lover

Reichs, Brendan                                  Nemesis

Retribution                                          Fraser, Anthea

Riddle, A.G.                                         The Atlantis Gene

Rosenberg, Joel C.                              Without Warning

Ryan, Annelise                                    Dead in the Water

Sanders, Ben                                       Marshall’s Law

Sandford, John                                    Golden Prey

Saunders, George                               Lincoln in the Bardo

Schlink, Bernhard                                Woman on the Stairs

Sedgwick, Chantele                             Switching Gears

Shattuck, Jessica                                 Woman in the Castle

Shipman, Viola                                    The Hope Chest

Shreve, Anita                                       The Stars are Fire

Smith, Sherri                                       Follow Me Down

Soule, Maris                                        Echoes of Terror

Spillane, Mickey                                  Will to Kill

Stabenow, Dana                                  Less Than a Treason

Steel, Danielle                                     Against All Odds

Stevens, Chevy                                    Never Let You Go

Stine, R.L.                                            Give Me a K-I-L-L

Strout, Elizabeth                                  Anything is Possible

Unger, Lisa                                          Red Hunter

Vinesse, Cecilia                                   Seven Days of You

Ward, J.R.                                            The Chosen

Webb, Betty                                        Desert Vengeance

Wendig, Chuck                                    Star Wars: Aftermath Empire’s End

Werner, Ursula                                   Good at Heart

Whalen, Marybeth                              The Things We Wish Were True

Wilkes, J.D.                                          The Vine that Ate the South

Wilson, Susan                                      Two Good Dogs

Wirestone, Max                                  The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss

Yocum, Robin                                      A Welcome Murder

Zarr, Sara                                            Gem and Dixie

Zimmer, Michael                                Rusted Sun