New Fiction Titles, June 2017

Albert, Susan Wittig                      General’s Women

Allan, Barbara                                 Antiques Frame

Blake, Jillian                                      Antisocial

Blauner, Peter                                 Proving Ground

Brenner, Jamie                                The Forever Summer

Brown, Rita Mae                             A Hiss Before Dying

Brunstetter, Wanda                       Farmer’s Market Mishap

Buckley, Michael                             Heart of the Storm

Caletti, Deb                                      What’s Become of Her

Callahan, Michael                           The Night She Won Miss America

Carr, Robyn                                      Any Day Now

Castle, Richard                                Heat Storm

Christie, William                             Single Spy

Clare, Cassandra                             Lord of Shadows

Cussler, Clive                                    Nighthawk

Dashner, James                               Fever Code

Davis, Susan                                     My Heart Belongs in Superstition Mtns.

Denton, Lauren                              The Hideaway

Donlea, Charlie                               The Girl Who Was Taken

Eicher, Jerry S.                                 Always Close to Home

Fletcher, Giovanna                        You’re the One That I Want

Frank, Dorothea                             Same Beach, Next Year

French, Gillian                                 Grit

Gabaldon, Diana                            Seven Stones to Stand or Fall

Golden, Christopher                      Arafat

Goodman, Alison                           The Dark Days Club

Gordon, Mary                                 There your Heart Lies

Grisham, John                                 Camino Island

Hamilton, Steve                              Exit Strategy

Harris, Charlaine                            Indigo

Hatcher, Robin Lee                        You’ll Think of Me

Hawkins, Paula                                Into the Water

Heilig, Heidi                                      The Ship Beyond Time

Helmreich, Joseph                         The Return

Henderson, Dee                             Threads of Suspicion

Hezroni, Nir                                     Three Envelopes

Higgins Kristan                                On Second Thought

Huckelbridge, Dane                       Castle of Water

Irvin, Kelly                                         Upon a Spring Breeze

Jackson, Lisa                                    You Will Pay

Jewell, Lisa                                        I Found You

Kiernan, Stephen                           The Baker’s Secret

King, Stephen                                  Gwendy’s Button Box

Kingsbury, Karen                            Love Story

Konig, Orly                                       The Distance Home

Lawrence, Mark                              Book of the Ancestor

LeHane, Dennis                               Since We Fell

Lent, Jeffrey                                     Before We Sleep

Levenseller, Tricia                           Daughter of the Pirate King

Lister, Michael                                 Blood Work

Maas, Sarah                                     A Court of Wings and Ruin

McCreight, Kimberly                     The Scattering

McLain, Sylvia                                  Spinning Jenny

Miller, Emma                                   Plain Missing

Miller, Judith                                    Chapel Car Bride

Oates, Joyce Carol                          Dis mem ber

Paretsky, Sara                                  Fallout

Patchett, Ann                                  Commonwealth

Patterson, James                            Murder Games

Peden, Peggy                                   Your Killin’ Heart

Rader-Day, Lori                               The Day I Died

Redgate, Riley                                  Note Worthy

Reinhardt, Liz                                  Rebels Like Us

Rendon, Marcie                              Murder on the Red River

Riggs, Cynthia                                  Trumpet of Death

Riley, Lucinda                                   Shadow Sister

Roberts, Nora                                  Come Sundown

Ruchti, Cynthia                                Endless Christmas

Sawyer, Kim Vogel                          Grace and the Preacher

Shaara, Jeff                                      Frozen Hours

Shafrir, Doree                      Startup

Simpson, Rosemary           What the Dead Leave Behind

Steel, Danielle                     The Duchess

Sugiura, Misa                      It’s Not Like It’s a Secret

Swinson, David                   Crime Song

Thomas, Angie                    The Hate U Give

Thor, Brad                            Use of Force

Vee, Jimmy                           Last Up

Wax, Wendy                        One Good Thing

Waxman, Abbi                    Garden of Small Beginnings

Wechsler, Pamela               The Graves

White, Karen                       The Night the Lights Went Out

White, Kate                          The Secret You Keep

Woods, Stuart                     Indecent Exposure