New Non-Fiction Titles, June 2017

Andersen, Sarah                                         Big Mushy Happy Lump

Atwood, Margaret                                     Angel Catbird to Castle Catula

Bauer, Wolfgang                                         Stolen Girls

Benson, Michael                                         Escape from Dannemora

Cannell, Michael                                         Incendiary

Caputo, Theresa                                         Good Grief

Carter-Johnson, Arabella                         Iris Grace

Chatzky, Jean                                               Ageproof

Christian, Pierre                                          City of Shifting Waters

Dini, Paul                                                      Dark Night: True Batman Story

Engeln, Renee                                             Beauty Sick

Ewing, Jack                                                   Faster, Higher, Farther

Feder, Kenneth                                           Ancient America

Feek, Rory                                                    This Life I Live

Ford, Richard                                              Between Them

Gaiman, Neil                                                Forbidden Brides

Graff, Garrett                                              Raven Rock

Gregory, Rebekah                                      Taking My Life Back

Grinnan, Edward                                        Always By My Side

Jurgens, Dan                                                Dark Horse Comics: Superman

Keating, Daniel                                            Born Anxious

Knisley, Lucy                                               Displacement

Linsenbach, Sherri                                     Everything Guide to Homeschooling

Lippincott, Lorilee                                      Homeschooling Handbook

Lowenstein, Thomas                                 Trials of Walter Ogrod

Marzano-Lesnevich, A.                             Fact of a Body: Murder and Memoir

Murphy, Finn                                               The Long Haul

Patterson, James                                        Crazy House

Peterson, Andrea                                       On Edge: a Journey Through Anxiety

Phelen, Thomas                                          All About ADHD

Pompa, Robin                                             Allergy-Free Kids

Robertia, Joseph                                         Life with Forty Dogs

Savage, Michael                                          Trump’s War

Schwartz, Mireille                                      When Your Child has Food Allergies

Scott-Clark, Cathy                                      The Exile: Story of Bin Laden

Sears, Stephen W.                                       Lincoln’s Lieutenants

Seaton, Carter Taylor                                Rebel in the Red Jeep

Sidibe, Gabourey                                        This is Just My face: Try Not to Stare

Spencer, Darla                                             Early Native Americans in West Virginia

Tamaki, Mariko                                           Tomb Raider

Tyson, Timothy                                            Blood of Emmett Till

Veltman, Shirley                                         Fully Relying on God

Winters, John                                              Sam Shepard: A Life