New Fiction, July 2017

Atherton, Nancy                                         Aunt Dimity and the Widow’s Curse

Baker, Angelica                                            Our Little Racket

Beck, Haylen                                                Here and Gone

Bouman, Tom                                              Fateful Mornings

Bradford, Laura                                          Silence of the Flans

Brightwell, Emily                                         Mrs. Jeffries Rights a Wrong

Brown, Dale                                                 Price of Duty

Bryan, Mollie Cox                                       Death Among the Doilies

Cahn, Jonathan                                           The Book of Mysteries

Cameron, W.                                               A Dog’s Way Home

Campbell, Michele                                     It’s Always the Husband

Caputo, Philip                                              Some Rise By Sin

Chancellor, Bryn                                         Sycamore

Chaon, Dan                                                  Ill Will

Chevalier, Tracy                                           New Boy

Child, Lincoln                                               Full Wolf Moon

Coble, Colleen                                             Beneath Copper Falls

Coes, Ben                                                      Trap the Devil

Cogburn, Brett                                            Smoke Wagon

Collier, Monica                                            Kissing Hollywood

Connelly, Michael                                       The Late Show

Connolly, John                                             A Game of Ghosts

Crichton, Michael                                       Dragon Teeth

Dacey, Patrick                                              The Outer Cape

Davis, Krista                                                 Mission Impawsible

Dionne, Karen                                             The Marsh King’s Daughter

Drexler, Jan                                                  Hannah’s Choice

Drexler, Jan                                                  Naomi’s Hope

Ellsworth, Loretta                                       Stars over Clear Lake

Evanovich, Janet                                         Dangerous Minds

Fairstein, Linda                                            Deadfall

Finder, Joseph                                             The Switch

Flint, Eric                                                       Gods of Sagittarius

Flowers, Jean                                               Cancelled by Murder

Flowers, Jean                                               Death Takes Priority

Forde, Melanie                                           Hillwilla

Forde, Melanie                                           On the Hillwilla Road

Freeman, Brian                                           Marathon

Gabaldon, Diana                                        Voyager

Gable, Michelle                                           Book of Summer

Garwood, Julie                                            Wired

Goodman, Allegra                                      Chalk Artist

Grittiths, Elly                                                Chalk Pit

Hagberg, David                                           Tower Down

Harding, Robyn                                           The Party

Haywood, B.B.                                            Town in Maple Madness

Hilderbrand, Elin                                        The Identicals

Hobbs, Robin                                               Assassin’s Fate

Honeyman, Gail                                          Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Horowitz, Anthony                                    Magpie Murders

Hunter, Denise                                            Sweetbriar Cottage

Hunter, Stephen                                         G-Man

Jackson, Joshilyn                                         The Almost Sisters

Johansen, Iris                                              Look Behind You

Kanon, Joseph                                             Defectors

King, Laurie                                                  Lockdown

Ko, Lisa                                                          The Leavers

Kubica, Mary                                               Every Last Lie

Lacey, Catherine                                         The Answers

Lavalle, Victor                                              Changeling

Lotz, Sarah                                                   White Road

Ludwig, Benjamin                                       Ginny Moon

Maden, Mike                                               Tom Clancy/ Point of Contact

Magson, Adrian                                          Dark Asset

Matthews, Francine                                  Death on Nantucket

McCall Smith, Alexander                          A Distant View of Everything

McKinlay, Jenn                                            Assault and Beret

McNicholl, Damian                                    The Moment of Truth

Meloy, Maile                                                Do Not Become Alarmed

Mina, Denise                                               The Long Drop

Monroe, Mary Alice                                  Beach House for Rent

Moore, Edward                                          Supremes Sing the Happy Heartache Blues

Nesbo, Jo                                                      The Thirst

Page, Katherine Hall                                  Body in the Wardrobe

Peterson, Tracie                                          Beloved Hope

Pyper, Andrew                                            The Only Child

Read, Warren                                              Ash Falls

Redel, Victoria                                             Before Everything

Reichs, Kathy                                               Two Nights

Robards, Karen                                           The Ultimatum

Robotham, Michael                                   The Secrets She Keeps

Runcie, James                                              Sidney Chambers and James Runcie

Silva, Daniel                                                 House of Spies

Sullivan, J. Courtney                                  Saints for All Occasions

Sullivan, Matthew                                      Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore

Sykes, Plum                                                  Party Girls Die in Pearls

Tolkein, J.R.R.                                               Beren and Luthien

Trigiani, Adriana                                         Kiss Carlo

Turow, Scott                                                 Testimony

Wiehl, Lis                                                      Separatists

Williams, Beatriz                                         Cocoa Beach

Williams, Tad                                               The  Witchwood Crown

Winawer, Melodie                                      The Scribe of Siena