New Non-Fiction Titles, September 2017

Andersen, Kurt                               Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire

Arnold, Catharine                          Edward VII: Prince of Wales

Basu, Shrabani                                Victoria & Abdul

Bateson, John                                  The Education of a Coroner

Bontinck, Dimitri                            Rescued from ISIS

Conahan, Gillian                             The Hero’s Closet: Sewing for Cosplay

Dreeke, Robin                                  The Code of Trust

Elkaim, Yuri                                      All-Day Fat-Burning Cookbook

Eriksen, Marcus                              Junk Raft

Factor, Eliza                                      Strange Beauty: A Portrait of My Son

Goodier, Susan                                Women Will Vote

Hanks, David                                    Down By the Feed Mill

Hinshaw, Stephen                          Another Kind of Madness

Kimberley, Hannah                        A Woman’s Place Is at the Top

Loyd, Robert                                    Miracle in the South Pacific

Neuman, Johanna                          Gilded Suffragists

Newman, Judith                             To Siri with Love

Pfordresher, John                          The Secret History of Jane Eyre

Phelps, M. William                        Dangerous Ground

Rubin, Gretchen                             The Four Tendencies

Sasse, Ben                                        The Vanishing American Adult

Scott, Jonathan                               It Takes Two: Our Story

Service, Robert                               The Last of the Tsars

Smucker, Philip                                Riding with George

Sutton, Robert                                Stark Mad Abolitionists