New Fiction Titles, December 2017

Alexander, Tamera                         Christmas at Carnton

Allende, Isabel                                 In the Midst of Winter

Arden, Katherine                            Girl in the Tower

Babst, C. Morgan                           The Floating World

Banville, John                                  Mrs. Osmond

Barton, Nicole                                 Little Broken Things

Box, C.J.                                            Paradise Valley

Brackston, P.J.                                The Sorcerer’s Appendix

Cameron, Marc                              Tom Clancy Power and Empire

Cash, Wiley                                      The Last Ballad

Chamberlain, Diane                       Stolen Marriage

Child, Lee                                          Inherit the Dead

Crais, Robert                                    The Wanted

Donaldson, Stephen                      Seventh Decimate

Duenas, Maria                                The Vineyard

Duncan, Dave                                 Ironfoot

Early, Hank                                      Heaven’s Crooked Finger

Egan, Jennifer                                 Manhattan Beach

Eugenides, Jeffrey                          Fresh Complaint

Foster, Alan Dean                          Strange Music

Gleason, C. M.                                 Murder in the Lincoln White House

Goldstone, Lawrence                    Deadly Cure

Gray, Shelley Shepard                  The Gift

Gregory, Susanna                          Habit of Murder

Griffin, W.E.B.                                 Death at Nuremberg

Haley, James                                    A Darker Sea

Hannon, Irene                                 Dangerous Illusions

Harrison, Phil                                  The First Day

Hauser, Emily                                  For the Winner

Hay, Ashley                                      A Hundred Small Lessons

Hines, Jim                                         Terminal Alliance

Hoover, Colleen                              Without Merit

Hornak, Francesca                         Seven Days of Us

Hurwitz, Gregg                               Last Chance

Jones, Darynda                               The Trouble With Twelfth Grave

Koreto, R.J.                                      Death at the Emerald

Lackey, Kris                                      Nail’s Crossing

Lagercrantz, David                         The Girl Who Takes an Eye For an Eye

Littlejohn, Emily                              A Season to Lie

Mayo, Matthew                             The Outfit: Blood and Ashes

McGrath, Melanie                          Give Me the Child

McKinlay, Jenn                                Death in the Stacks

Peterson, Tracie                             Out of the Ashes

Ritter, Krysten                                 Bonfire: A Novel

Roberts, Nora                                  Year One

Smith, Laura Lee                             Ice House

Stabenow, Dana                             Silk and Song

Stirling, S.M.                                  The Sea Peoples

Weiner, Matthew                          Heather, the Totality

Weir, Andy                                       Artemis