New Fiction Titles, February 2018

Armstrong, Kelley                          This Fallen Prey

Beaton, M.C.                                   Death of an Honest Man

Benjamin, Chloe                             The Immortalists

Benjamin, Melanie                        The Girls in the Picture

Berenson, Alex                                The Deceivers

Bishop, Anne                                   Etched in Bone: Novel of Others

Black, Lisa                                         Perish

Blaedel, Sara                                    The Undertaker’s Daughter

Brunstetter, Wanda                       The Celebration

Burke, Alafair                                   The Wife

Cleveland, Karen                            Need to Know

Colby, Ronald                                  Night Driver

Copperman, E.J.                             Hostess with the Ghostess

Cornwell, Bernard                          Fools and Mortals

Corry, Jane                                       Blood Sisters

Crook, Elizabeth                             The Which Way Tree

Everhart, Donna                             Road to Bittersweet

Fellowes, Jessica                             The Mitford Murders

French, Nicci                                    Sunday Silence

Gardener, Lisa                                 Look for Me

Gardiner, Meg                                 Into the Black Nowhere

Graham, Heather                           American Drifter

Graham, Winston                          The Miller’s Dance

Grippando, James                          A Death in Live Oak

Hannah, Kristin                               The Great Alone

Harper, Jane                                    Force of Nature

Hatcher, Robin                                You’re Gonna Love Me

Hendricks, Greer                            The Wife Between Us

Horn, J.D.                                         The King of Bones and Ashes

Jones, Tayari                                    An American Marriage

Kellerman, Jonathan                     Night Moves

Kinsella, Sophia                               Surprise Me

Klassen, Julie                                    The Ladies of Ivy Cottage

Larsen, Ward                                   Cutting Edge

Mallery, Susan                                 Sisters Like Us

McCall Smith, Alexander              A Time of Love and Tartan

Moriarty, Laura                               American Heart

Moye, Jojo                                        Still Me

Oates, Joyce Carol                          Beautiful Days

Orlando, Kristen                             You Won’t Know I’m Gone

Patterson, James                            Fifty Fifty

Rhys, Rachel                                    Dangerous Crossing

Riley, Lucinda                                   The Pearl Sisters

Santlofer, Jonathan                        It Occurs to Me that I am America

Santopolo, Jill                                  The Light We Lost

Spillane, Mickey                              The Bloody Spur

Wirestone, Max                              The Questionable Behavior of Dahlia Moss