New Non-Fiction Titles, February 2018

Bailenson, Jeremy                          Experience on Demand

Baldwin, Alec                                   You Can’t Spell America Without Me

Bernstein, Gabrielle                       Judgment Detox

Bowler, Kate                                     Everything Happens For a Reason

Brantz, Loryn                                   Lady Stuff

Catte, Elizabeth                               What You are Getting Wrong About Appalachia

Clark, Katherine                              Where I End

Conley, Garrard                              Boy Erased

Corrigan, Kelly                                 Tell Me More

Eubanks, Virginia                            Automating Inequality

Francis, Emily                                  The Body Heals Itself

Frum, David                                     Trumpocracy

Gaines, Chip                                    Capital Gaines

Harding, Luke                                  Collusion

Hayes, Derek                                   The First Railroads

Kafarowski, Joanna                        Polar Adventures of a Rich American Dame

Kerrison, Catherine                       Jefferson’s Daughters

Lambert, Amanda                          Aging with Care: Guide to Hiring Caregivers

Leinbach, Michael                          Bringing Columbia Home

Mann, Charles                                 The Wizard and the Prophet

Mattlin, Ben                                     In Sickness and in Health

Miller, T. Christian                           A False Report: Rape in America

Neighbors, Joy                                Family Tree Cemetery Guide

Raisman, Ali                                     Fierce

Shapiro, Laurie                               The Stowaway

Sprinkle, Timothy                           Lost and Stranded

Stanton, Doug                                 12 Strong

Talty, Stephan                                  The Black Hand

Tilotta, Lidia                                     Tears of Salt

Tulleken, Chris                                 Secrets of the Human Body

Updegrove, Mark                           The Last Republicans

Wakin, Daniel                                  The Man With The Sawed-Off Leg

Wolff, Michael                                 Fire and Fury

Zeitz, Joshua                                    Building the Great Society