New Fiction Titles, March 2018

Barnhill, Kelly                                   Dreadful Young Ladies and other stories

Berry, Steve                                      The Bishop’s Pawn

Blackstock, Terri                              If I Live

Bohjalian, Chris                               The Flight Attendant

Box, C.J.                                            The Disappeared

Carr, Jack                                          Terminal List

Carter, T.E.                                        Cadaver & Queen

Cole, Myke                                        Armored Saint

Cussler, Clive                                    The Rising Sea

Day, Karen                                        I’ll Stay

Delany, Vicki                                    Cat of the Baskervilles

Deveraux, Jude                               As You Wish

Fielding, Joy                                     The Bad Daughter

Fisher, Suzanne Woods                Phoebe’s Light

Fluke, Joanne                                   Raspberry Danish Murder

Frantz, Laura                                   The Lacemaker

Fu, Kim                                              Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore

George, Elizabeth                           Punishment She Deserves

Glaser, Mechtheld                          Forgotten Book

Goodkind, Terry                              Girl in the Moon

Gray, Shelley Shepard                   His Risk

Greaney, Mark                                Agent in Place

Hepworth, Sally                              The Family Next Door

Howard, Linda                                The Woman Left Behind

Hughes-Hallett, Lucy                     Peculiar Ground

Jackson, Lisa                                    One Last Breath

Jance, J.A.                                         Duel to the Death

Jones, Tayari                                    An American Marriage

Karst, Leslie                                      Death al Fresco

Kavanagh, Emma                           The Missing Hours

Kepler, Lars                                      The Sandman

Kerr, Lucy                                          No One Can Know

Kessel, John                                     Pride and Prometheus

Kolby, Janel                                      Winterfolk

Laseur, Carrie                                  The Weight of an Infinite Sky

Lee, Mira                                          Everything Here is Beautiful

Lippman, Laura                               Sunburn

Mackintosh, Clare                          Let Me Lie

Matthews, Jason                            The Kremlin’s Candidate

Meltzer, Brad                                   The Escape Artist

Michaels, Fern                                Sweet Vengeance

Michaels, Fern                                Truth or Dare

Miles, Jonathan                              Anatomy of a Miracle

Miller, Tom                                       The Philosopher’s Flight

Moning, Karen                                High Voltage

Mosley, Walter                                Down the River Unto the Sea

Oliveira, Robin                                 Winter Sisters

Parks, Brad                                       Closer Than You Know

Patterson, James                            Red Alert

Patterson, James                            The Witness

Peterson, Tracie                              In Places Hidden

Rosenfelt, David                              Fade to Black

Sadowsky, Nina                               The Burial Society

Sharpe, Tess                                     Barbed Wire Heart

St. James, Simone                          The Broken Girls

Steel, Danielle                                 Accidental Heroes

Warren, Susan May                       Troubled Waters

White, Randy Wayne                     Caribbean Rim