New Fiction Titles- April 2018

Anderson, Laura                             The Darkling Bride

Baldacci, David                                The Fallen

Barnes, Eric                                      The City Where We Once Lived

Bennett, M.A.                                  S.T.A.G.S.

Blackburn, Lynn                              Beneath the Surface

Bradbury, Jamey                             The Wild Inside

Bradford, Laura                              Dial M for Mousse

Brown, Dale                                     Act of Revenge

Brown, Taylor                                  Gods of Howl Mountain

Cameron, Stella                              Whisper the Dead

Casale, Jana                                     Girl Who Never Read Noam Chomsky

Church, Elizabeth                           All the Beautiful Girls

Clark, Mary Higgins                        I’ve got My Eyes On You

Cogburn, Brett                                Call Me Lonesome

Colt, Paul                                          Sycamore Promises

Coulter, Catherine                          The Sixth Day

Darznik, Jasmin                               Song of a Captive Bird

Daugherty, Christi                          Echo Killing

Deaver, Jeffery                                Cutting Edge

Evison, Jonathan                            Lawn Boy

Franson, Sally                                  A Lady’s Guide to Selling Out

Frazier, Charles                               Varina

Fry, Jason                                          Star Wars, the Last Jedi

Fuller, Kathleen                               Words from the Heart

Gear, W. Michael                            Outpost

Genova, Lisa                                    Every Note Played

Golden, Christopher                      Runaways

Goodman, Carol                             The Other Mother

Graves, Sarah                                  Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

Greathead, Kate                             Laura & Emma

Grimes, Martha                              The Knowledge

Guillory, Jasmine                            The Wedding Date

Gutcheon, Beth                              The Affliction

Haas, Derek                                     The Way I Die

Hagberg, David                               Flash Points

Hannon, Irene                                 Pelican Point

Harrington, Rebecca                     Sociable

Harris, Jane                                      Sugar Money

Hillerman, Anne                             Cave of Bones

Hooper, Kay                                     Hold Back the Dark

Jacobs, Nova                                    The Last Equation of Isaac Severy

Johansen, Iris                                  Shattered Mirror

Johnson, Chelsey                            Stray City

Kauffman, Rebecca                       The Gunners

Kiernan, Olivia                                 Too Close to Breathe

Killeen, Matt                                    Orphan Monster Spy

Lawhon, Ariel                                  I Was Anastasia

Lawrence, Mark                              Grey Sister

Lewis, Beverly                                  The Road Home

Lloyd, Amy                                       The Innocent Wife

Lloyd, Heather                                My Name is Venus Black

Lukas, Michael                                The Last Watchman of Old Cairo

Mackin, Will                                    Bring Out the Dog

Malerman, Josh                              Unbury Carol

Mangan, Christine                         Tangerine

McCallister, Tom                             How To Be Safe

McKenzie, Catherine                     The Good Liar

Miller, Emma                                   Plain Confession

Nesbo, Jo                                          Macbeth

Pagan, Camille                                Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties

Palmer, Diana                                  All That Glitters

Patterson, James                            The 17th Suspect

Perry, Anne                                      Twenty-One Days

Pineda, Jon                                      Let’s No One Get Hurt

Quindlen, Anna                              Alternate Sides

Rachman, Tom                                The Italian Teacher

Rao, Shobha                                    Girls Burn Brighter

Rimmer, Kelly                                   Before I let You Go

Rosenberg, Joel                              The Kremlin Conspiracy

Ross, Ann B.                                     Miss Julia Raises the Roof

Sandford, John                               Twisted Prey

Sawyer, Kim Vogel                          Beneath A Prairie Moon

Scottoline, Lisa                                After Anna

Smith, Alexander McCall              The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse

Snelling, Lauraine                           A Breath of Hope

Spalding, Linda                               A Reckoning

Spillane, Mickey                              The Last Stand

Stewart, Leah                                  What You Don’t Know About Charlie Outlaw

Strawser, Jessica                             Not That I Could Tell

Swanson, Peter                               All the Beautiful Lies

Thayer, Nancy                                  A Nantucket Wedding

Ward, J.R.                                         The Thief

Wittig, Susan                                   Queen Anne’s  Lace

Wolitzer, Meg                                  Female Persuasion

Woods, Stuart                                 Shoot First