New Non-Fiction Titles- April 2018

Andrew, Mari                                  Am I There Yet?

Arendt, Hannah                              Thinking Without a Banister

Barnet, Andrea                               Visionary Women

Bass, Diana Butler                          Grateful

Benson, Michael                             Space Odyssey

Bly, Robert                                        More Than True: Wisdom of Fairy Tales

Buchanan, Andrea                         The Beginning of Everything

Buffett, Howard G.                        Our 50-State Border Crisis

Carter, Jimmy                                  Faith: A Journey for All

Clark, Katherine                              Pat Conroy: My Exaggerated Life

Comey, James                                  A Higher Loyalty

Crosley, Sloane                                Look Alive Out There

Dahl, Melissa                                   Cringeworthy

Davenport, Christian                     The Space Barons

De La Garza, Dianna                      Falling with Wings

Downey, Roma                                Box of Butterflies

Farmer, Steven                                Strange Chemistry

Francis, Pope                                   Our Father: Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer

Franklin, Tee                                    Bingo Love

Gaiman, Neil                                    American Gods

Gallagher, Billy                                 How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars

Giles, Nyna                                       The Bridesmaid’s Daughter

Gostick, Adrian                               The Best Team Wins

Graham, Lauren                             In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It

Greenya, John                                 Gorsuch

Hargrove, Brantley                        The Man Who Caught The Storm

Hinton, Anthony                             The Sun Does Shine

James, Laura                                    Odd Girl Out

Kessler, Ronald                                Inside the Trump White House

Kurson, Robert                               Rocket Men

Lamas, Daniela                                You Can Stop Humming Now

Larson, Edward                               To The Edges of the Earth

McBride, Sarah                               Tomorrow Will Be Different

McNamara, Eileen                         Eunice

Meyer, Joyce                                    Living a Life You Love

Partridge, Elizabeth                       Boots on the Ground

Potter, Christopher                        The Earth Gazers: On Seeing Ourselves

Prout, Chessy                                  I Have the Right To:

Reich, David                                     Who We Are and How We Got Here

Reich, Robert                                   The Common Good

Richards, Cecile                               Make Trouble

Richmond, Caroline                       Live In Infamy

Ross, Marion                                   My Days: Happy and Otherwise

Roth, Geneen                                  This Messy Magnificent Life

Sedgwick, John                               Blood Moon

Smart, Elizabeth                             Where There’s Hope

Starr, Rebecca Fox                         Beyond the Baby Blues

Weiss, Elaine                                    The Woman’s Hour

Wetherall, Tyler                              No Way Home

Wilson, Frazer                                 Coding For Parents

Yeung, Bernice                                In A Day’s Work