New Fiction Titles, May 2018

Allan, Barbara                                 Antiques Wanted

Andrews, Mary Kay                       High Tide Club

Archer, K.C.                                      School for Psychics

Atkins, Ace                                       Robert B. Parker’s Old Black Magic

Bell, Ted                                             Overkill

Blanchard, Alice                              A Breath after Drowning

Bledsoe, Alex                                   Fairies of Sadieville

Bloom, Amy                                     White Houses

Briggs, Patricia                                Burn Bright

Brown, Rebecca                              Flying at Night

Carr, Robyn                                      Family Gathering

Chance, Maia                                  Bad Neighbors

Childs, Laura                                    Plum Tea Crazy

Clipston, Amy                                  Amish Heirloom

Coyle, Cleo                                       Shot in the Dark

Crane, Genevieve Sly                     Sorority

Dekker, Ted                                       49th Mystic

Dodd, Christina                               Dead Girl Running

Duchovny, David                            Miss Subways

Dugoni, Robert                               Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell

Elliott, Lexie                                      The French Girl

Evans, Richard Paul                       Forgotten Road

Flower, Amanda                             Flowers and Foul Play

Frank, Dorothea Benton              By Invitation Only

Freeman, Brian                               Alter Ego

Friedland, Jacqueline                    Trouble the Water

Gear, William                                   Scorched Earth

Haddish, Tiffany                             Last Black Unicorn

Harrel, Lindsay                                Heart Between Us

Hecht, Daniel                                   On Brassard’s Farm

Hubbard, Charlotte                       A Mother’s Gift

Hunter, Denise                                Honeysuckle Dreams

Irving, Nicholas                               Reaper: Ghost Target

Isaac, Catherine                              You, Me, Everything

Jewell, Lisa                                        Then She Was Gone

Juska, Elise                                        If We Had Known

Kenyon, Sherillyn                           Death Doesn’t Bargain

King, Stephen                                  The Outsider

Koontz, Dean                                  The Crooked Staircase

Kope, Spencer                                 Whispers of the Dead

Koryta, Michael                              How It Happened

Kushner, Rachel                              The Mars Room

Laukkanen, Owen                           Gale Force

McCauley, Stephen                        My Ex-Life

McClellan, Brian                             Wrath of Empire

McDevitt, Jack                                 The Long Sunset

McLain, Paula                                  Love and Ruin

Miller, Madeline                              Circe

Molloy, Aimee                                 The Perfect Mother

Monroe, Mary                                One House Over

Monroe, Mary Alice                      Beach House Reunion

Moore, Christopher                      Noir

Nay, Roz                                            Our Little Secret

Neuvel, Sylvain                                Only Human

O’Doherty, Carolyn                        Rewind

Palahniuk, Chuck                            Adjustment Day

Patterson, James                            Princess

Quick, Amanda                               The Other Lady Vanishes

Shepard, Sara                                 The Elizas

Sittenfield, Curtis                            You Think It, I’ll Say It

Soule, Charles                                 The Oracle Year

Steel, Danielle                                 The Cast

Talton, Jon                                        The Bomb Shelter

Tapper, Jake                                     The Hellfire Club

Thomas, August                              Liar’s Candle

Thomas, Jodi                                   Mornings on Main

Thompson, Carlene                       Just a Breath Away

Torjussen, Mary                              The Girl I Used To Be

Tully, Daniela                                   Hotel on Shadow Lake

Vogt, Beth                                        Things I Never Told You

Wright, Camron                              The Other Side of the Bridge

Young, Adrienne                             Sky In the Deep