New Non-Fiction Titles, May 2018

Abrams, Jeanne                              First Ladies of the Republic

Cooper, Brittney                             Eloquent Rage

De Laurentiis, Giada                      Giada’s Italy

Diamond, Rickey                             Screwnomics

Doerr, John                                      Measure What Matters

Eizenstat, Stuart                             President Carter

Evenson, Brian                                Raymond’ Carver’s What We Talk About

Farrell, Warren                               The Boy Crisis

Hiaasen, Carl                                   Assume the Worst

Hollis, Rachel                                   Girl, Wash Your Face

Hoppe, Graham                              Gone Dollywood

Johnson, Kirk                                   The Feather Thief

Joy, Kimothy                                    That’s What She Said

Kastor, Deena                                  Let Your Mind Run

Kerrison, Catherine                       Jefferson’s Daughters

King, Gilbert                                  Beneath a Ruthless Sun

Leahy, Robert                                  The Jealousy Cure

Lipman, Joanne                              That’s What She Said

Mijhesuah, Devon                          Ned Christie

Moore, John                                    Undocumented

Moore, Lorrie                                  See What Can Be Done

Morton, David                                Nolo’s Guide to Social Security Disability

O’Connell, Meaghan                      And Now We Have Everything

Pember, Mat                                    Grow -Food -Anywhere

Scharre, Paul                                   Army of None

Schechter, Harold                          Hell’s Princess

Schwartz, John                               This Is The Year I Put My Financial Life In Order

Segal, Nancy                                    Accidental Brothers

Seskin, Amy                                      The List

Stockwell, Mary                              Unlikely General

Wang, Jen                                         The Prince and the Dressmaker

Worsley, Lucy                                  Jane Austen at Home

Wright, Lawrence                           God Save Texas