New Fiction Titles, June 2018

Backman, Fredrik                           Us against You

Bell, Maymee                                   Cake & Punishment

Billerbeck, Kristin                            Theory of Happily Ever After

Blundell, Judy                                  High Season

Brown, Holly                                    How Far She’s Come

Brown, Rita Mae                             Probable Claws

Brunstetter, Wanda                       Hawaiian Discovery

Burton, Tara Isabella                     Social Creature

Clark, Tracy                                      Broken Places

Clinton, Bill                                       The President is Missing

Cohen, Elisabeth                             The Glitch

Crownover, James D.                     If These Walls Could Talk

Cussler, Clive                                    Gray Ghost

Delinsky, Barbara                           Before and Again

Duffy, Erin                                        Regrets Only

Dunnett, Kaitlyn                             Crime & Punctuation

Dylan, Rachel                                   Lone Witness

Fine, Julia                                          What Should Be Wild

Gable, Michelle                               Summer I Met Jack

Gay, Roxane                                     Ayiti

Goodman, Joanna                         Home for Unwanted Girls

Graham, Heather                           Fade to Black

Haines, Carolyn                               Charmed Bones

Hall, Araminta                                 Our Kind of Cruelty

Halpern, Sue                                    Summer Hours at the Robbers Library

Harkness, Deborah E.                   The World of All Souls:

Heaberlin, Julia                               Paper Ghosts

Hedlund, Jody                                 Together Forever

Henderson, Susan                          Flicker of Old Dreams

Hining, Deborah                             In the Midst of Innocence

Hyde, Elisabeth                               Go Ask Fannie

Jackson, Lisa                                    Liar, Liar

Kennedy, Eliza                                 Do This for Me

Kiely, Brendan                                 Tradition

Kingsbury, Karen                            To the Moon and Back

Knoll, Jessica                                    The Favorite Sister

Kuang, R.F.                                       The Poppy War

Maden, Mike                                   Tom Clancy Line of Sight

Martin, Charles                               Send Down the Rain

Martin, George R.R.                      Low Chicago

Martin, Kat                                       Beyond Control

Murphy, Julie                                   Puddin’

North, Clare                                     84K

Oates, Joyce Carol                          Night-gaunts

Page, Nora                                       Better Off Read

Pearl, Matthew                               The Dante Chamber

Pearson, Allison                              How Hard Can It Be?

Penn, Sean                                       Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Preston, Douglas                            Pharaoh Key

Reilly, Meg                                        Everything That Follows

Rivers, Francine                              The Masterpiece

Robards, Karen                               Moscow Deception

Roberts, Nora                                  Shelter in Place

Sales, Leila                                        If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say

Teller, Danielle                                 The Untold Story of Cinderella’s Stepmother

Walsh, Courtney                             Just Let Go

Warren, Susan May                       Storm Front

Weisberger, Lauren                       When Life Gives You Lululemons

White, Karen                                   Dreams of Falling

Wiggs, Susan                                   Between You and Me

Winthrop, Elizabeth                      The Mercy Seat

Woods, Stuart                                 Turbulence