New Non-Fiction Titles, June 2018

Adams, Mark                                   Tip of the Iceberg

Bell, Janet                                         Lighting the Fires of Freedom

Clapper, James                                Facts and Fears

Colbert, Don                                    Keto Diet

Druckerman, Pamela                    There Are No Grown-Ups

Fallows, James                                 Our Towns

Forman, Jr. James                          Locking Up Our Own

Frazer, Lillian                                   Wildflowers and Train Whistles

Gay, Roxane                                     Not That Bad

Goldberg, Jonah                             Suicide of the West

Gosney, Sarah Jean                        All the Cool Girls Are Anarchists

Green, Alison                                   Ask a Manager

Hurston, Zora Neale                      Barracoon

Isikoff, Michael                                Russian Roulette

Itzkoff, Dave                                     Robin

Kennedy, Jr. Robert                        American Values

Macomber, Debbie                        Debbie Macomber’s Table

Margolick, David                            The Promise and the Dream

McFaul, Michael                             From Cold War to Hot Peace

Morton, Andrew                            Meghan: A Hollywood Princess

Munson, Richard                            Tesla

Palmieri, Jennifer                           Dear Madam President

Pataki, Allison                                  Beauty in the Broken Places

Ramsey, Franchesca                      Well, That Escalated Quickly

Rauch, Jonathan                             Happiness Curve

Rice, Condoleezza                          Political Risk

Roker, Al                                            Ruthless Tide: Johnstown Flood

Rosling, Hans                                   Factfulness

Ryan, Robin                                      Retirement Reinvention

Scheeringa, Michael                      They’ll Never Be The Same

Sedaris, David                                 Calypso

Sheffer, Edith                                   Asperger’s Children

Sherman, Casey                              Above and Beyond

Simpson, Cam                                 Girl from Kathmandu

Slade, Rachel                                   Into the Raging Sea:

Stadtmiller, Mandy                        Unwifeable

Stroud, Patricia                               Bitterroot

Town, Danielle                                 Invested

Turgeon, Carolyn                            Mermaid Handbook

Wallace, Max                                   In the Name of Humanity

Wamariya, Clemantine                 Girl Who Smiled Beads

Watkins, Light                                  Bliss More

Weymouth, Adam                          Kings of the Yukon

Zimmer, Carl                                    She Has Her Mother’s Laugh