New Fiction Books, July 2018

Alger, Cristina                                  The Banker’s Wife

Armstrong, Kelley                          Rough Justice

Ashdown, Isabel                             Little Sister

Baker, Bree                                       Live and Let Chai

Bauer, Belinda                                 SNAP

Blum, Jenna                                     Lost Family

Bradford, Laura                              Portrait of a Sister

Brooks, Pauline                               Marriage Vacation

Brown, Karma                                 Life Lucy Knew

Brydon, James                                 Moment before Drowning

Bujold, Lois                                       Mira’s Last Dance

Butland, Stephanie                        Lost for Words Bookshop

Carey, Jacqueline                            Starless

Cargill, C. Robert                            We Are Where the Nightmares Go

Carlisle, Kate                                    Buried in Books

Castillo, Linda                                  A Gathering of Secrets

Celt, Adrienne                                 Invitation to a Bonfire

Coble, Colleen                                 House at Saltwater Point

Connolly, John                                 Woman in the Woods

Copeland, Lori                                 Barefoot Brides Collection

Dallas, Sandra                                 Patchwork Bride

Douglas, Claire                                Last Seen Alive

Estleman, Loren                              Black and White Ball

Fesperman, Dan                             Safe Houses

Giffin Emily                                       All We Ever Wanted

Gilbert, Victoria                              Shelved Under Murder

Glendinning, Victoria                    The Butcher’s Daughter

Graham, Scott                                 Yosemite Fall

Hammer, Lotte                                Night Ferry

Harris, Rosie                                    Never Too Old for Love

Harrison, DeSales                           Waters & The Wild

Hauck, Rachel                                  Love Letter

Hillier, Jennifer                                Jar of Hearts

Hirsch, Paddy                                  The Devil’s Half Mile

Hopkins, Ellen                                  A Sin Such As This

Horowitz, Anthony                        The Word is Murder

Housewright, David                       Like to Die

Hummel, Maria                              Still Lives

Jepson, Rebecca                             My Heart Belongs in Glenwood Springs, CO

Johansen, Iris                                  Double Blind

Kepunes, Caroline                          Providence

King, Laurie                                      Island of the Mad

Koslow, Sally                                    Another Side of Paradise

LaPlante, Alice                                 Half Moon Bay

Luloff, Joanna                                  Remind Me Again What Happened

Lustbader, Eric                                Four Dominions

Macomber, Debbie                        Cottage by the Sea

Makkai, Rebecca                             Great Believers

Massey, Gale                                    Girl from Blind River

Mayo, Matthew                              Timberline

McLaughlin, James A.                   Bearskin

Mirza, Fatima                                  A Place for Us

Mott, Jason                                      The Crossing

Nesbitt, John                                   Castle Butte

Noble, Shelley                                 Lighthouse Beach

Page, Libby                                       The Lido

Paris, B.A.                                         Bring Me Back

Peterson, Tracie                              In Dreams Forgotten

Sacks, Michelle                                You Were Made For This

Silva, Daniel                                     Other Woman

Steel, Danielle                                 Good Fight

Stroud, Carsten                              Shimmer

Swinson, Kiki                                    Dead on Arrival

Thor, Brad                                        Spymaster

Tremblay, Paul                                Cabin at the End of the World

Tyler, Anne                                       Clock Dance

Umrigar, Thrity                                Secrets between Us

White, Alex                                      A Big Ship at the Edge of the Universe

Winton, Tim                                     The Shepherd’s Hut

Witemeyer, Karen                          More Than Meets the Eye

Youers, Rio                                       Halcyon

Younts, Elizabeth                            Solace of Water