New Fiction Titles, August 2018

Abbott, Megan                               Give Me Your Hand

Barclay, Linwood                            A Noise Downstairs

Barrett, Lorna                                  Poisoned Pages

Bates, Callie                                      Memory of Fire

Bell, David                                        Somebody’s Daughter

Bentley, Ray                                     On the Mountain of the Lord

Berry, Flynn                                      A Double Life

Bischof, Joanne                               Sons of Blackbird Mountain

Brooks, Karen                                  The Locksmith’s Daughter

Brown, Sandra                                Tailspin

Brunstetter, Wanda                       The Hope Jar

Candlish, Louise                              Our House

Cannon, Joanna                              Three Things about Elsie

Chamberlin, Holly                          Summer Nanny

Chen, Katherine                              Mary B.

Christensen, Kate                           Last Cruise

Clark, Georgia                                  Bucket List

Coulter, Catherine                          Paradox

Crandell, Susan                               Myth of Perpetual Summer

Davis, Fiona                                     The Masterpiece

Dawson, Delilah                              Kill the Farm Boy

Delaney, J.P.                                     Believe Me

Ford, Jack                                          Chariot on the Mountain

Gabhart, Ann                                  River to Redemption

Gear, Kathleen O’Neal                   Maze Master

Gortner, C.W.                                   The Romanov Empress

Graham, Heather                           Pale as Death

Gray, Shelley Shepard                   Her Fear

Hamilton, Laurell                            Serpentine

Hamilton, Steve                              Dead Man Running

Harding, Robyn                               Her Pretty Face

Harvey, Kristy Woodson               Secret to Southern Charm

Healey, Emma                                 Whistle in the Dark

Higgins, Kristan                               Good Luck with That

Hollis, Lee                                         Poppy Harmon Investigates

Hoover, Colleen                              All Your Perfects

Hotchner, A.E.                                 The Amazing Adventures of Aaron Broom

Howells, Debbie                              Her Sister’s Lie

Kearsley, Susanna                           Bellewether

Kellerman, Faye                              Walking Shadows

Kellerman, Jonathan                     A Measure of Darkness

Klehfoth, Elizabeth                       All the Beautiful Strangers

Lapena, Shari                                  Unwanted Guest

Lim, Thea                                          Ocean of Minutes

Martin, William                               Bound for Gold

Maxwell, Alyssa                               Murder at Ochre Court

McKinnon, Hannah                       Sailing Lessons

Miller, Louise                                   Late Bloomers’ Club

Moran, Caitlin                                 How to Be Famous

Morgan, Sarah                                How to Keep a Secret

Moshfegh, Ottessa                        My Year of Rest and Relaxation

Muller, Marcia                                 Breakers

Novik, Naomi                                   Spinning Silver

Parker, Miriam                                Shortest Way Home

Patterson, James                            Texas Rangers

Piazza, Jo                                          Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win

Saunders, Paula                              Distance Home

Scottoline, Lisa                                Feared

Slaughter, Karin                              Pieces of Her

Smith, Alexander McCall              Quiet Side of Passion

Sorrells, Amy                                   Before I Saw You

Stage, Zoje                                       Baby Teeth

Walsh, Rosie                                   Ghosted

Willett, Marcia                                Summer on the River

Williams, Beatriz                             Summer Wives

Wiseman, Beth                               Amish Celebration

Wolfe, Ethan                                    Cattle Drive

Wolfe, Jennifer                                Watch the Girls

Woods, Stuart                                 Money Shot

Zahn, Timothy                                Star Wars: Thrawn Alliances