New Non-Fiction Titles, August 2018

Abrams, Brian                                 Obama: An Oral History 2000-2017

Armstrong, Jennifer                       Sex and the City and Us

Baras, Tyler                                       DIY Hydroponic Gardens

Bureau, Sebastien                          Fermentation Revolution

Dorey-Stein, Beck                           From the Corner of the Oval

Drori, Jonathan                               Around the World in 80 Trees

Fitch, Matt                                       Apollo

Gingrich, Newt                                Trump’s America

Harden, Marcia Gay                       The Seasons of My Mother

Horace, Matthew                           The Black and the Blue

Lawless, Kristin                                Formerly Known as Food

Lingan, John                                   Homeplace: a Southern Town

Litt, Robert                                       New Rules of the Roost

MacNicol, Glynnis                          No One Tells You This

McElroy, Clint                                  Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins

Moore, Michael Scott                   Desert and the Sea

O’Brien, Keith                                  Fly Girls

Power, Thomas                               If Your Adolescent Has ADHD

Scardino, Mike                                Bad Call: Summer on a NY Ambulance

Sherman, Casey                              12: Inside Story of Tom Brady’s Fight for

Smith, Grace                                    Close your Eyes, Get Free

Swift, Earl                                         Chesapeake Requiem

Turner, Jr., Cal                                  My Father’s Business: Dollar General