New Non-Fiction Titles, September 2018

Biederman, Felix                             The Chapo Guide to Revolution

Bishop, Mary                                   Don’t You Ever Forget

Collins, Max Allan                           Scarface and the Untouchable

D’Souza, Disnesh                           Death of a Nation

Delffs, Dudley                                  Faith of Dolly Parton

Duncan, Arne                                  How Schools Work

Foster, Alan Dean                           Relic

Francis, Pope                                   A Future of Faith

Hughley, D.L.                                   How Not To Get Shot

Johnson, Ronald                             13 Days in Ferguson

Lieberman, Daniel                          The Molecule of More

Lucado, Max                                    Unshakable Hope

Marrone, Teresa                             The Beginner’s Guide to Dehydrating Food

Panetta, Karen                                Count Girls In

Quammen, David                           Tangled Tree

Spicer, Sean                                     The Briefing

Woodward, Bob                             Fear