New Fiction Titles, October 2018

Albom, Mitch                                              Next Person You Meet in Heaven

Andrews, Ilona                                            Magic Triumphs

Atkinson, Kate                                             Transcription

Austin, Lynn                                                 Legacy of Mercy

Barker, Pat                                                    Silence of the Girls

Beaton, M.C.                                               Dead Ringer

Bell, Lillian                                                    If the Coffin Fits

Bird, Sarah                                                   Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen

Black, Lisa                                                     Suffer the Children

Blackstock, Terri                                          Catching Christmas

Brackman, Lisa                                            Black Swan Rising

Brown, Dale                                                 Moscow Offensive

Butcher, Jim                                                 Brief Cases

Buzzelli, Elizabeth                                      In Want of a Knife

Cunningham, Peter                                   Acts of Allegiance

Datlow, Ellen                                                Best of the Best Horror of the Year

Dekker, Ted                                                   Rise of the Mystics

Deutermann, Peter                                   The Iceman

Dozois, Gardner                                         Book of Magic

Emory, Lindsay                                            Royal Runaway

Fluke, Joanne                                               Christmas Cake Murder

Flynn, Vince                                                 Red War

Fordham, Rachel                                        Hope of Azure Springs

Frey, James                                                  Katerina

Gang, Deborah                                           The Half-Life of Everything

Gessen, Keith                                               A Terrible Country

Goenawan, Clarissa                                   Rainbirds

Gowar, Imogen                                           The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock

Gray, Shelley Shepard                               Take a Chance

Green, Hank                                                An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Grisham, John                                             The Reckoning

Gross, Andrew                                            Button Men

Handler, David                                            The Man Who Couldn’t Miss

Hardt, Helen                                                Unchained

Harkness, Deborah                                    Time’s Convert

Harris, Charlaine                                        An Easy Death

Harris, Lisa                                                   A Secret to Die For

Headley, Maria                                            The Mere Wife

Hill, Edwin                                                    Little Comfort

Hoang, Helen                                              The Kiss Quotient

Hooper, Emma                                            Our Homesick Songs

Hosseini, Khaled                                         Sea Prayer

Hugo, Lynne                                                 The Testament of Harold’s Wife

Irvin, Kelly                                                     Through the Autumn Air

Jakeman, Jo                                                  The Exes’ Revenge

Johansen, Iris                                              Vendetta

Johns, Roger                                                River of Secrets

Jones, Sandie                                               The Other Woman

Joy, David                                                     The Line that Held Us

Kava, Alex                                                     Lost Creed

Kingsbury, Karen                                        When We Were Young

Kingsbury, Kate                                           Be Our Ghost

Kingsolver, Barbara                                    Unsheltered

Kirkpatrick, Jane                                         Everything She Didn’t Say

Kubica, Mary                                               When the Lights Go Out

Larison, John                                               Whiskey When We’re Dry

Levenseller, Tricia                                       Daughter of the Siren Queen

Loewenstein, Laurie                                  Death of a Rainmaker

Logan, T.M.                                                  Lies

MacMillan, Gilly                                          I Know You Know

MacNeal, Susan                                          The Prisoner in the Castle

Macomber, Debbie                                    Alaskan Holiday

Mallery, Susan                                             Why Not Tonight

Martin, Tim                                                  Ghosts of Christmas Past

McKinlay, Jenn                                            Hitting the Books

Mejia, Mindy                                               Leave No Trace

Moretti, Kate                                               In Her Bones

Morgan, Sarah                                            The Christmas Sisters

Morris, Heather                                          The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Munier, Paula                                              A Borrowing of Bones

Neggers, Carla                                             Imposter’s Lure

Owens, Delia                                                Where the Crawdads Sing

Palmer, Diana                                              Unbridled

Parnell, Sean                                               Man of War

Patterson, James                                        Ambush

Patton, Lisa                                                  Rush

Peebles, Frances                                         The Air You Breathe

Pelecanos, George                                     The Man Who Came Uptown

Picoult, Jodi                                                 A Spark of Light

Pike, Signe                                                    The Lost Queen

Pinborough, Sarah                                       Cross Her Heart

Reid, Iain                                                       Foe

Rice, Anne                                                    Blood Communion

Rickstad, Eric                                               What Remains of Her

Riggs, Ranson                                              A Map of Days

Ryan, Hank Phillippi                                   Trust Me

Sandford, John                                           Holy Ghost

Saviano, Roberto                                        The Piranhas

Sawyer, Kim                                                 Ours for a Season

Schwille, Kathryn                                        What Luck, This Life

Serle, Rebecca                                             The Dinner List

Shepherd. Megan                                      Grim Lovelies

Shipman, Viola                                            The Recipe Box

Smith, Ian                                                     The Ancient Nine

Sparks, Nicholas                                         Every Breath

St. James, Dorothy                                    In Cold Chocolate

Stewart, Amy                                               Miss Kopp Just Won’t Quit

Stoker, Dacre                                               Dracul

Thayer, S.M.                                                 I Will Never Leave You

Thayne, Raeanne                                        Season of Wonder

Tracy, P.J.                                                      The Guilty Dead

Turton, Stuart                                             The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

Tyson, Wendy                                              Rooted in Deceit

Unger, Lisa                                                    Under My Skin

Valpy, Fiona                                                 Sea of Memories

Woods, Stuart                                             Desperate Measures

Zeldis, Kitty                                                   Not Our Kind