New Non-Fiction Titles, October 2018

Andres, Jose                                    We Fed an Island

Bauer, Shane                                   American Prison

Bollmann, Stefan                            Women Who Write Are Dangerous

Chaffetz, Jason                                The Deep State

Chivers, C.J.                                      The Fighters

Connors, Philip                               A Song for the River

Crowley, Chris                                 Younger Next Year Back Book

Cucuzzella, Mark                            Run for Your Life

Dean, Michelle                                Sharp

Dolin, Eric                                         Black Flags, Blue Waters

Eric-Udorie, June                            Can We All Be Feminists?

Evans, Nancy                                   Cultivating Strong Girls

Felix, Antonia                                  Elizabeth Warren

Ferrera, America                            American like Me

Flores, Elizabeth                             Sisters of Secrets

Freehling, William                          Becoming Lincoln

Gibson, Erin                                     Feminasty

Goodell, Jeff                                    The Water Will Come

Goodman, Eric                                Social Courage

Goodwin, Doris Kearns                 Leadership in Turbulent Times

Harari, Yuval                                    21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Hogg, David                                     #NeverAgain

Hudgins, Phil                                   Travels with Foxfire

Kashner, Sam                                   The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters

Kerry, John                                       Every Day is Extra

Lombardi, Michael                        Gridiron Genius

Lukianoff, Greg                               The Coddling of the American Mind

Mazzeo, Tilar                                   Eliza Hamilton

McCubbin, Lisa                               Betty Ford

Nader, Ralph                                    To the Ramparts

Nesbit, Jeff                                       This is the Way the World Ends

Pederson, Doug                              Fearless

Peterson, Jordan                            12 Rules for Life

Press, Bill                                          Trump Must Go

Sarkis, Stephanie                            Gaslighting: Recognize Manipulative and

Saslow, Eli                                         Rising Out of Hatred

Sen, Sharmila                                  Not Quite Not White

Shatner, William                             Live Long and…What I Learned Along the Way

Specht, Robert                                Tisha

Travis, Nigel                                      The Challenge Culture

Williams, Paige                                The Dinosaur Artist

Witherspoon, Reese                      Whiskey in a Teacup