New Fiction Titles, November 2018


Abbott, Jeff                                      The Three Beths

Archer, Jeffrey                                  Heads You Win

Auerbach, Dathan                           Bad Man

Backlund, J.R.                                   Down the Broken Road

Baldacci, David                                Long Road to Mercy

Bohnhoff, Maya                               The Antiquities Hunter

Brackston, Paula                              The Little Shop of Found Things

Bradford, Barbara Taylor                 Master of His Fate

Braswell, Liz                                     Part of Your World

Brooks, Kevin                                   Born Scared

Brown, Rita Mae                              Homeward Hound

Callahan, Patti                                 Becoming Mrs. Lewis

Child, Lee                                         Past Tense

Clark, Mary Higgins                         You Don’t Own Me

Cole, Myke                                       The Queen of Crows

Connelly, Michael                            Dark Sacred Night

Crawford, Isis                                   A Catered Cat Wedding

Cussler, Clive                                    Sea of Greed

Daly, Paula                                       Open Your Eyes

De Witt, Abigail                               News of Our Loved Ones

DeWitt, Patrick                                French Exit

Ellicott, Jessica                                Murder Flies the Coop

Enger, Leif                                        Virgil Wander

Evanovich, Janet                              Look Alive Twenty-Five

Evans, Richard Paul                         The Noel Stranger

Everson, John                                  The House by the Cemetery

Forsyth, Frederick                           The Fox

Fowler, Therese                               A Well Behaved Woman

Frear, Caz                                         Sweet Little Lies

French, Tana                                    The Witch Elm

Fuller, Claire                                     Bitter Orange

Gaynor, Hazel                                   The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter

Griffiths, Elly                                    The Vanishing Box

Gulvin, JM                                        The Contract

Hunt, Laird                                       House in the Dark of the Woods

Hurley, Andrew                                Devil’s Day

James, Miranda                               Six Cats A Slayin’

James, Vic                                        Bright Ruin

James, Wendy                                 The Golden Child

Karon, Jan                                        Bathed in Prayer

King, Stephen                                  Elevation

Koelb, Tadzio,                                  Trenton Makes: A Novel

Lakin, Rita                                        Getting Old Can Hurt You

Levine, Laura                                   Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge

Lupica, Mike                                    Robert Parker’s Blood Feud

Maher, Kerri                                     The Kennedy Debutante

Mallery, Susan                                 Not Quite Over You

Mallery, Susan                                 When We Found Home

Martin, George R.R.                        Fire & Blood

Mayor, Archer                                  Bury the Lead

McCaffrey, Gigi                                Dragon’s Code

McCoy, Sarah                                   Marilla of Green Gables

McGarrity, Michael                         Residue

McNear, Mary                                  The Secrets We Carried

Meier, Leslie                                     Silver Anniversary Murder

Monroe, Mary                                 Remembrance

Morton, Kate                                   The Clockmaker’s Daughter

Nelson, Brian                                   The Last Sword Maker

Noble, Shelley                                  Ask Me No Questions

Oates, Joyce                                     Hazards of Time Travel

Osborn, John Jay                             Listen to the Marriage

Park, Samuel                                    The Caregiver

Patterson, James                             Target Alex Cross

Penny, Louise                                   Kingdom of the Blind

Perry, Anne                                      A Christmas Revelation

Rossner, Rena                                  Sisters of the Winter Wood

Scalzi, John                                      The Consuming Fire

Schumacher, Julie                           The Shakespeare Requirement

Shusterman, Neal                            Dry

Smith, Alexander McCall                The Colors of All the Cattle

Snelling, Lauraine                            A Season of Grace

Sparks, Nicholas                              Every Breath

Steel, Danielle                                 Beauchamp Hall

VanLiere, Donna                             The Christmas Star

Walker, Nico                                     Cherry: A Novel

Weber, David                                   Uncompromising Honor

Work, James                                    Unmentionable Murders

Wright, Colleen                               The White Christmas Inn

Zeldis, Kitty                                      Not Our Kind

Zusak, Markus                                 Bridge of Clay