New Non-Fiction Titles, November 2018

Atkins, William                                The Immeasurable World

Bateman, Justine                             Fame: The Hijacking of Reality

Bolles, Richard                                 What Color Is Your Parachute? 2019

Burns, Lawrence                              Autonomy

Casillo, Charles                                Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life

Clark, Tena                                       Southern Discomfort

Corera, Gordon                                Operation Columba

Fox, Emily                                        Born Trump

Fraser, Antonia                                The King and the Catholics

Gaines, Joanna                                Homebody

Garten, Ina                                        Cook like a Pro

Hampton, Ryan                               American Fix: Inside Opioid Crisis

Harris, Michael                                Solitude

Harris, Samantha                            Your Healthiest Healthy

Jurek, Scott                                      North: Appalachian Trail

Kemper, Ellie                                    My Squirrel Days

King, Maxwell                                  The Good Neighbor: Fred Rogers

Lebold, Joseph                                 Roadside Geology of West Virginia

Marshall, Tim                                  The Age of Walls

Monson, Marianne                         Women of the Blue & Gray

Mullally, Megan                               The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Mustich, James                               1,000 books to Read

O’Reilly, Bill                                      Killing the SS

Obama, Michelle                             Becoming

Oldfield, William                             Inspector Oldfield

Pham, Tiffany                                  You Are A Mogul

Philipps, Busy                                  This Will Only Hurt a Little

Pirro, Jeanine                                   Liars, Leakers, and Liberals

Ramsay, Gordon                              Healthy, Lean & Fit

Sims, Thomas                                  On Call in the Arctic

Stavis, Jim                                        When Hope is Your Only Option

Stevens, Nell                                    The Victorian and the Romantic

Tebow, Tim                                       This is the Day

Tinniswood, Adrian                         Behind the Throne

Unger, Craig                                     House of Trump, House of Putin

Wiehl, Lis                                         Hunting Charles Manson

Wise, Heather                                  A Gut Feeling

Wood, Carolyn                                 Tough Girl