New Fiction Titles, December 2018

Aaronvitch, Ben                              Lies Sleeping

Berg, Elizabeth                                Night of the Miracles

Berney, Lou                                      November Road

Berry, Tamara                                  Seances are for Suckers

Bolton, Sharon                                The Craftsman

Bradford, Laura                              Just Plain Murder

Braithwaite, Oyinkan                     My Sister the Serial Killer

Britain, Kristen                                Dream Gatherer

Cameron, Marc                              Tom Clancy Oath of Office

Carlson, Dolley                                The Red Coat

Clipston, Amy                                  An Amish Homecoming

Coble, Colleen                                 Leaving Lavender Tides

Delany, Vicki                                    A Scandal in Scarlet

Dunnett, Kaitlyn                             Overkilt

Eskins, Allen                         The Shadows We Hide

Fellowes, Jessica                             Bright Young Dead

Fink, Joseph                                     Alice Isn’t Dead

Fletcher, Jessica                              Manuscript for Murder

Frost, Jacqueline                            ‘Twas the Knife Before Christmas

Gabriele, Lisa                                   The Winters

Griffin, W.E.B.                                 The Enemy of My Enemy

Hannon, Irene                                 Hidden Peril

Harman, Patricia                            Once a Midwife

Hightower, J.R.                                Alone on Pasture Ridge

Horowitz, Anthony                        Forever and a Day

Hulse, Caroline                                The Adults

Hunter, Denise                                On Magnolia Lane

Johnson, Liz                                     A Sparkle of Silver

Kelton, Elmer                                   Hard Ride

Kennedy, Randy                              Presidio

Kenyon, Sherrilyn                           Stygian

Kim, Eugenia                                    The Kinship of Secrets

King, Laurie                                      For the Sake of the Game

L’amour, Louis                                 No Traveller Returns

Lamb, Cathy                                     The Man She Married

Lindsey, Erin                         Murder on Millionaires Row

Littlejohn, Emily                              Lost Lake

Mallery, Susan                                 Why Not Tonight

McCarthy, Kevin                             Wolves of Eden

McPherson, Catriona                    Go To My Grave

Meuleman, Sarah                          Find Me Gone

Moriarty, Liane                               Nine Perfect Strangers

Ngan, Natasha                                Girls of Paper and Fire

Novey, Idra                                       Those Who Knew

Parker, T. Jefferson             Swift Vengeance

Perry, Sarah                                     Melmoth

Roberts, Nora                                  Of Blood and Bone

Robinson, Kim                                 Red Moon

Rotstein, Robert                             We, the Jury

Sanderson, Brandon                     Legion

Schaler, Karen                                 Christmas Camp

Shannon, V.A.                                 When Winter Comes

Shapiro, B.A.                                   Collector’s Apprentice

St. Vincent, Sarah                          Ways to Hide in Winter

Taylor, Goldie                                   Paper Gods

Thompson, Jean                             A Cloud in the Shape of a Girl

Trigiana, Adriana                            Tony’s Wife

Whitlow, Robert                             Chosen People