New Fiction Titles, January 2019

Ahnhem, Stefan                             Eighteen Below

Akers, Zack                                       Limetown

Avon, Joy                                          In Peppermint Peril

Barbash, Tom                                  The Dakota Winters

Barry, Jessica                                   Freefall

Black, Holly                                       The Wicked King

Blackmoore, Stephanie                Murder Borrowed, Murder Blue

Burke, James Lee                            The New Iberia Blues

Carr, Robyn                                      The Best of Us

Clare, Cassandra                             Queen of Air and Darkness

Clipston, Amy                                  A Seat by the Hearth

Coble, Colleen                                 Secrets at Cedar Cabin

Connolly, Sheila                              The Lost Traveller

Cornwell, Bernard                          War of the Wolf

Dawson, Maddie                            Match Making for Beginners

Deveraux, Jude                               A Willing Murder

Farmer, Jordan                                The Pallbearer

Faye, Lyndsay                                   The Paragon Hotel

Feehan, Christine                           Dark Sentinel

Flower, Amanda                             Death and Daisies

Fuller, Kathleen                               The Teacher’s Bride

Gay, Roxane                                     The Best American Short Stories

Gear, W. Michael                            Abandoned

Goodkind, Terry                              Siege of Stone

Grant, Andrew                                Invisible

Hatcher, Robin                                Who I Am With You

Hedlund, Jody                                 Searching For You

Hendricks, Greer                            An Anonymous Girl

Hill, Will                                             Slender Man

Hoag, Tami                                       The Boy

Hunt, Angela                                   Jerusalem’s Queen

Irvin, Kelly                                         Tell Her No Lies

Jewell, Lisa                                        Watching You

Jones, Sherry                                   Josephine Baker’s Last Dance

Kelly, Julia                                         The Light Over London

Krentz, Jayne Ann                          Untouchable

Lageschulte, Melanie                    The Peaceful Season

Lodge, Gytha                                   She Lies In Wait

Lorrimer, Claire                               Love Lies Waiting

Lundberg, Sofia                              The Red Address Book

Mackintosh, Sophie                       The Water Cure

Macmillan, Gilly                              What She Knew

McDermid, Val                                Broken Ground

McRae, Molly                                  Crewel and Unusual

Mehl, Nancy                                    Mind Games

Montgomery, Jess                          The Widows

Novak, Brenda                                Before We Were Strangers

Paretsky, Sara                                  Shell Game

Patterson, James                            Liar, Liar

Patterson, James                            The House Next Door

Peterson, Tracie                              Under the Midnight Sun

Preston, Douglas                            Verses for the Dead

Quinn, Julia                                      The Other Miss Bridgerton

Rankin, Ian                                       In a House of Lies

Reilly, Matthew                               The Three Secret Cities

Ross, Barbara                                  Steamed Open

Rous, Emma                                     The Au Pair

Schulman, Helen                            Come With Me

Shaw, M.B.                                       Murder at the Mill

Stabenow, Dana                             Death of an Eye

Steel, Danielle                                 Turning Point

Stirling, S.M.                                    The Sky-Blue Wolves

Taylor, Brad                                      Daughter of War

Taylor, Patrick                                  An Irish Country Cottage

Walker, Karen Thompson The Dreamers

Warren, Mark                                 Born to the Badge

Warren, Susan May                       Wait For Me

Willett, Marcia                                The Songbird

Woods, Stuart                                 A Delicate Touch

Woodsmall, Cindy                          The Christmas Remedy

Yolen, Jane                                       How to Fracture a Fairy Tale