New Non-Fiction Titles, January 2019

Airton, Lee                                       Gender: Your Guide

Asprey, Dave                                    Game Changers

Brands, H.W.                                    Heirs of the Founders

Cilley, Marla                                     The C.H.A.O.S.* Cure

Clayton, Karen                                Demystifying Hospice

Collier, Paul                                      The Future of Capitalism

Comstock, Beth                               Imagine It Forward

Dowling, John                                 Understanding the Brain

Earnhardt, Dale                              Racing to the Finish: My Story

Freuman, Tamara                          The Bloated Belly Whisperer

Frye, Patricia                                   The Medical Marijuana Guide

Graeber, Charles                             The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy

Hardman, Robert                           Queen of the World

Hartley, Gemma                             Fed Up: Emotional Labor

Jones, Marie                                    The 30-Day Money Cleanse

Kalb, Marvin                                    Enemy of the People

LeClair, Michelle                              Perfectly Clear: Escaping Scientology

Lee,  Karen                                       Keto Cooking with your Instant Pot

Linford, Dick                                    Halfway to Halfway and Back

Mahnke, Aaron                               The World of Lore: Dreadful Places

McGreal, Chris                                American Overdose

Meltzer, Brad                                   The First Conspiracy

Michaels, Jillian                               The 6 keys: Unlock Your Genetic Potential

Miranda, Lin-Manuel                    Gmorning, Gnight!

Morton, Kari                                    Are u ok? A Guide to Caring for Mental Health

O’Connor, Ian                                  Belichick

O’Toole, Jennifer                             Autism in Heels

Ornish, Dean                                   UnDo It!

Palin, Michael                                  Erebus

Porter, Beth                                     Reduce, Reuse, Reimagine

Prendergast, John                          Congo Stories

Rivera, Juan                                     The Mojito Diet

Scaramucci, Anthony                    Trump, The Blue Collar President

Seymour, John                                The Self-Sufficient Life

Starr, Kenneth                                 Contempt: Memoir of the Clinton Investigation

Stewart, Martha                             The Martha Manual

TerKeurst, Lysa                                It’s Not Supposed to Be this Way

Turner, Tina                                      My Love Story

Urban, Mark                                    The Skripal Files

Vronsky, Peter                                 Sons of Cain