New Fiction, February 2019

Adams, Taylor                                 No Exit

Alexander, Tamera                         With this Pledge

Arden, Katherine                            Winter of the Witch

Barton, Fiona                                  The Suspect

Benford, Gregory                           Rewrite

Brogan, Tracy                                  My Kind of Forever

Brunstetter, Wanda                       The Forgiving Jar

Cander, Chris                                   The Weight of a Piano

Chaney, Joann                                 As Long As We Both Shall Live

Copperman, E.J.                             Bones Behind the Wheel

Everhart, Donna                             The Forgiving Kind

Finder, Joseph                                 Judgment

Fisher, Suzanne                               Mending Fences

Frances, Michelle                           The Temp

Frantz, Laura                                   A Bound Heart

Gardner, Lisa                                   Never Tell

Gentry, Amy                                     Last Woman Standing

Greene, Thomas                             The Perfect Liar

Hadley, Tessa                                   Late in the Day

Hammer, Chris                                Scrublands

Hooper, Elise                                    Learning to See: Dorothea Lange

Jenoff, Pam                                      The Lost Girls of Paris

Johnston, Tim                                  The Current

Jones, Darynda                               Summoned To Thirteenth Grave

Kellerman, Jonathan                     The Wedding Guest

Kinsella, Sophie                               I Owe You One

Lawler, Liz                                         Don’t Wake Up

Lewis, Kristyn                                   Half of What You Hear

Loigman, Lynda                               The Wartime Sisters

Martin, Kat                                       The Conspiracy

McGuire, Seanan                           In an Absent Dream

Medearis, Wil                                  Restoration Heights

Michaelides, Alex                           The Silent Patient

Parks, Adele                                     I Invited her In

Patterson, James                            The Chef

Perks, Heidi                                      Her One Mistake

Petrie, Nick                                       Tear It Down

Quirk, Matthew                              The Night Agent

Robb, J.D.                                         Connections in Death

Rollins, James                                  Crucible: A Thriller

Rose, Karen                                      Say You’re Sorry

Scott, E.G.                                        The Woman Inside

Silver, Josie                                       On Day in December

Swinson, Kiki                                    The Black Market

Veste, Luca                                       The Bone Keeper