New Fiction Titles, March

Adam, Claire                                    Golden Child

Andrews, V.C.                                  The Silhouette Girl

Armstrong, Kelley                          Watcher in the Woods

Bardugo, Leigh                                King of Scars

Barron, Stephanie                          That Churchill Woman

Beagin, Jen                                       Vacuum in the Dark

Berry, Steve                                      Malta Exchange

Boice, James                                    Who Killed the Fonz?

Box, C.J.                                            Wolf Pack

Brennert, Alan                                Daughter of Moloka’i

Coben, Harlan                                 Run Away

Collins, Megan                                Winter Sister

Conklin, Tara                                    Last Romantics

Corry, Jane                                       Dead Ex

Coulter, Catherine                          The Last Second

Cussler, Clive                                    Celtic Empire

Fairstein, Linda                                Blood Oath

Fforde, Jasper                                 Early Riser

Fielding, Joy                                     All the Wrong Places

Flower, Amanda                             Murders and Metaphors

Flynn, Gillian                                    The Grownup

Foley, Lucy                                        The Hunting Party

Garber, Stephanie                          Legendary

Gillham, David                                 Annelies

Graham, Heather                           A Lethal Legacy

Graves, Sarah                                  Death by Chocolate Malted Milkshake

Gray, Anissa                                     The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls

Greaney, Mark                                Mission Critical

Griffiths, Elly                                    Stranger Diaries

Grippando, James                          The Girl in the Glass Box

Gruley, Bryan                                   Bleak Harbor

Harper, Jane                                    The Lost Man

Heller, Peter                                     The River

Hunt, Tom                                        One Fatal Mistake

Hurwitz, Gregg                               Out of the Dark

Iles, Greg                                          Cemetery Road

James, Marlon                                Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Johanson, Iris                                  Dark Tribute

Knight, Renee                                  The Secretary

Leckie, Ann                                       Raven Tower

Letts, Elizabeth                                Finding Dorothy

Liardet, Frances                              We Must Be Brave

Lipman, Elinor                                 Good Riddance

Lippincott, Rachael                        Five Feet Apart

Lyons, Jenn                                       Ruin of Kings

Margolin, Phillip                             Perfect Alibi

Maxwell, Alyssa                               A Murderous Marriage

McCracken, Elizabeth                    Bowlaway

McDonald, Christina                     The Night Olivia Fell

Michaels, Fern                                Deep Harbor

Noblin, Annie England                  The Sisters Hemingway

Patterson, James                            The Cornwalls are Gone

Patterson, James                            The First Lady

Peterson, Tracie                              When You Are Near

Quinn, Kate                                      The Huntress

Robards, Karen                               Fifth Doctorine

Scharer, Whitney                            Age of Light

Schumann, Katrin                          Forgotten Hours

See, Lisa                                            The Island of Sea Women

Shannon, Samatha                        Priory of the Orange Tree

Snelling, Lauraine                           Half Finished

Spence, Gerry                                 Court of Lies

Steel, Danielle                                 Silent Night

Strawser, Jessica                             Forget You Know Me

Thorne, Sally                                    99 Percent Mine

Tudor, C.J.                                         The Hiding Place

Winslow, Don                                  The Border

Woods, Eva                                      The Inbetween Days

Woods, Stuart                                 Wild Card

Wright, Jaime Jo                             The Curse of Misty Wayfair

Young, Hester                                  Burning Island

Zgheib, Yara                                     Girls at 17 Swann Street