New Fiction Titles, May 2019

Ahern, Cecelia                                             Roar

Arevalo, Daniel                                           Alice’s Island

Balasubramanyam, Rajeev                      Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss

Banker, Ashok                                             Upon a Burning Throne

Bannister, Jo                                                Silent Footsteps

Blake, Heather                                            A Witch to Remember

Bradley, Patricia                                          Justice Delivered

Brown, Carolyn                                           The Perfect Dress

Burke, Alafair                                              The Better Sister

Cavendish, Catherine                                The Haunting of Henderson Close

Childs, Laura                                                Broken Bone China

Collins, Bridget                                           The Binding

Dalton, Trent                                               Boy Swallows Universe

Day, Kate Hope                                           If, Then

Deaver, Jeffery                                            The Never Game

Dektar, Molly                                               The Ash Family

Dow, David                                                   Confessions of an Innocent Man

Dugoni, Robert                                           The Eighth Sister

Evanovich, Janet                                        The Big Kahuna

Evanovich, Stephanie                               Under the Table

Evans, Richard Paul                                   The Road Home

Fay, Juliette                                                  City of Flickering Light

Frank, Dorothy Benton                            Queen Bee

Fremantle, Elizabeth                                 The Poison Bed

Goodman, Carol                                         The Night Visitors

Graham, Heather                                       The Summoning

Gray, Shelley Shepard                              The Patient One

Gudenkauf, Heather                                 Before She Was Found

Gunn, Robin Jones                                     Becoming Us

Harris, Charlaine                                        Small Kingdoms & Other Stories

Haseldine, Jane                                          You Fit the Pattern

Hauck, Rachel                                             The Memory House

Healey, Jane                                                The Beantown Girls

Helene, Sondra                                           Appearances

Hepworth, Sally                                          The Mother-In-Law

Hillerman, Anne                                         The Tale Teller

Hillman, Robert                                          The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted

Hoang, Helen                                              The Bride Test

Jackson, Lisa                                                Willing to Die

Karst, Leslie                                                  Murder from Scratch

Kawamura, Genki                                       If Cats Disappeared from the World

Kelly, Erin                                                      Stone Mothers

Kelly, Martha Hall                                      Lost Roses

Knott, Robert                                              Buckskin       

Koontz, Dean                                              The Night Window

Kuznetsova, Maria                                     Oksana, Behave!

Lanchester, John                                        The Wall

Larkin, Allie                                                  Swimming for Sunlight

Lawrence, Mark                                         Holy Sister

Lee, Tosca                                                     The Line Between

Lescroart, John                                           The Rule of Law

Mackler, Carolyn                                        The Universe is Expanding and So am I

McLachlan, Jenny                                      Star Struck

Michaels, Fern                                            Far and Away

Miller, Linda Lael                                        The Yankee Widow

Monroe, Mary                                            Over the Fence

Nieman, Valerie                                          To the Bones

Norman, August                                         Come and Get Me

Palmer, D.J.                                                  Saving Meghan

Palmer, Suzanne                                         Finder

Patterson, James                                        the 18th Abduction

Quick, Amanda                                           Tight Rope

Richardson, Kim                                         The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

Rooney, Sally                                               Normal People

Rowley, Steven                                           The Editor

Schow, David                                               The Big Crush

Setterfield, Diane                                      Once Upon a River

Somers, Erin                                                Stay Up with Hugo Best

Steel, Danielle                                             Blessing in Disguise

Thayne, RaeAnne                                       The Cliff House

Vanderah, Glendy                                      Where the Forest Meets the Stars

Ward, J.R.                                                     The Savior