New Non-Fiction Titles, May 2019

Anolik, Lili                                         Hollywood’s Eve

Barry, Dave                                      Lesson’s from Lucy

Bhagwati, Anuradha                     Unbecoming

Brooks, Arthur C.                           Love Your Enemies

Brooks, David                                  The Second Mountain

Cep, Casey                                        Furious Hours

Cerulo, Erica                                    Work Wife

Chatzky, Jean                                   Women with Money

Cohen, Jared                                   Accidental Presidents

Ellis, Helen                                       Southern Lady Code

Farwell, Matt                                   American Cipher

Ginsburg, Ruth                               My Own Words

Goldman, Judy                                Together: A Memoir of Marriage

Handler, Chelsea                            Life Will Be The Death of Me

Hensley, Kristin                               #IMOMSOHARD

Hitchens, Christopher                  The Four Horsemen

Jackson, Mitchell                            Survival Math: Notes on an All-American Family

Jakes, T.D.                                         Crushing: God Turns Pressure into Power

Jarrett, Valerie                                Finding My Voice

May, Meredith                                The Honey Bus: Memoir of Girl Saved by Bees

McCraw, David                                Truth in Our Times

McCullough, David                        The Pioneers: Heroic Story of Settlers

McKibben, Bill                                 Falter

Menolascino, Mark                       Heart Solution for Women

Nagoski, Emily                                 Burnout: Secret to Unlock the Stress Cycle

Napier, Erin & Ben                         Make Something Good Today

Napolitano, Janet                          How Safe are We? : Homeland Security

Nelson, Sue                                     Wally Funk’s Race for Space

Orton, Erik                                       Seven at Sea

Page, Susan                                     Matriarch: Barbara Bush

Petro-Roy, Jen                                 You are Enough

Philpott, Mary                                I Miss You When I Blink

Popova, Maria                                Figuring

Richtel, Matt                                   An Elegant Defense

Scalia, Antonin                                On Faith: Lessons from an American Believer

Schlensinger, Jill                             Dumb Things Smart People Do With their Money

Thomas, Evan                                 First: Sandra Day O’Connor

Thompson, Christina                     Sea People: Puzzle of Polynesia