New Fiction Titles, July 2019

Aaronovitch, Ben                           The October Man

Anderson, Kevin                             Spine of the Dragon

Armstrong, Kelley                          Cruel Fate

Armstrong, Kelley                          Wherever She Goes

Ashdown, Isabel                             Beautiful Liars

Atherton, Nancy                             Aunt Dimity & the Heart of Gold

Atkinson, Kate                                 Big Sky

Avon, Joy                                          Sweet Tea and Secrets

Awad, Mona                                    Bunny

Baker, Jo                                           Body of Lies

Baldacci, David                               One Good Deed

Benjamin, Melanie                        Mistress of the Ritz

Benz, Chanelle                                The Gone Dead

Bobotis, Andrea                             The Last List of Miss Judith Kratt

Boland, Shalini                                The Secret Mother

Brosesser-Akner, Taffy                  Fleishman is in Trouble

Butler, Season                                 Cygnet

Candlish, Louise                             Those People

Carlisle, Kate                                   The Book Supremacy

Chamberlin, Holly                          A Wedding on the Beach

Child, Heather                                Everything about You

Christopher, Adam                        Darkness on the Edge of Town: Stranger Things

Clare, Cassandra                             Ghosts of the Shadow Market

Clark, Tracy                                      Borrowed Time

Cohen, Tish                                      The Summer We Lost Her

Constatine, Liv                                The Last Time I Saw You

Cullen, Helen                                   The Lost Letters of William Woolf

Cumming, Charles                         The Moroccan Girl

Day, Maddie                                    Strangled Eggs and Ham

Doan, Amy                                       Summer Hours

Doiron, Paul                                     Almost Midnight

Donlea, Charlie                               Some Choose Darkness

Dunlop, Andrea                              We Came Here to Forget

Dunnett, Kaitlyn                             Clause & Effect

Dye, Ginny                                       Shining Through Dark Clouds

Feehan, Christine                           Toxic Game

Fletcher, Jessica                              Murder in Red

Gear, W. Michael                            Star Path

Gilbert, Elizabeth                           City of Girls

Ginder, Grant                                  Honestly, We Meant Well

Golden, Christopher                     Pandora Room

Goldstone, Lawrence                    Assassin of Shadows

Graham, Heather                           The Seekers

Grunwald, Lisa                                Time After Time

Haddon, Mark                                 The Porpoise

Hatcher, Robin Lee                        Cross My Heart

Hedlund, Jody                                 Reluctant Bride

Hogan, Ruth                        The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes

Holmes, Linda                                 Evvie Drake Starts Over

Horowitz, Anthony                        The Sentence is Death

James, E.L.                                       The Mister

Jones, Sandie                                  The First Mistake

Kate, Lauren                                    The Orphan’s Song

LaCorte, Ellen                                  The Perfect Fraud

Laukkanen, Owen                          Deception Cove

Logan, Kylie                                      Scent of Murder

Lombardo, Claire                            The Most Fun We Ever Had

Lustbader, Eric                                The Sum of all Shadows

Macomber, Debbie                        Window on the Bay

Maden, Mike                                   Tom Clancy Enemy Contact

Masterman, Becky                         We Were Killers Once

Mason, Tim                                      The Darwin Affair

McCall Smith, Alexander             The Second Worst Restaurant in France

McKenna, Clara                              Murder at Morrington Hall

Mechling, Lauren                           How Could She

Meyers, Randy Susan                   Waisted

Miranda, Megan                            The Last House Guest

Monroe, Mary Alice                      The Summer Guests

Noble, Shelley                                 Beach Wish

Page, Nora                                       Read on Arrival

Patterson, James                            Sophia: Princess among Beasts

Petrova, Daniela                             Her Daughter’s Mother

Porter, Regina                                 The Travelers

Ricciardi, David                               Rogue Strike

Riley, Lucinda                                  The Royal Secret

Ripley, Nathan                                Your Life is Mine

Roberts, Nora                                 Under Currents

Roper, Richard                                How Not to Die Alone

Russo, Meredith                             Birthday

Ruta, Domenica                              Last Day

Ryan, Jennifer                                 The Me I Used to Be

Shalvis, Jill                                        The Lemon Sisters

Shapiro, Deborah                           The Summer Demands

Silva, Daniel                                     The New Girl

Stapley, Marissa                             The Last Resort

Thayer, Nancy                                 Surfside Sisters

Thor, Brad                                        Backlash

Toro, Guillermo Del                       The Labyrinth of the Faun

Walker, Caroline Louise               Man of the Year

Walker, Wendy                               The Night Before

White, Beth                                     Reluctant Belle

Winslow, De’Shawn                      In West Mills