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New Fiction Titles, October 2019

Acampora, Lauren                         The Paper Wasp

Ames, Elizabeth                              The Other’s Gold

Anderson, Kevin                             Kill Zone

Andrews, V.C.                                  Beneath the Attic

Atwood, Margaret                         The Testaments

Battle, Meredith                             Go Down the Mountain

Biller, Diana                                     The Widow of Rose House

Carr, Brian                                        Opioid, Indiana

Carrington, Sam                             The Missing Wife

Chbosky, Stephen                          Imaginary Friend

Chevalier, Tracy                              A Single Thread

Choi, Susan                                      Trust Exercise

Cleeves, Ann                                   The Long Call

Clipson, Amy                                   An Amish Christmas Bakery

Connelly, Michael                          The Night Fire

Cruz, Angie                                      Dominicana

Dailey, Janet                                    Texas Forever

Daly, Paula                                       Clear My Name

DeLuca, Jen                                     Well Met

Demille, Nelson                              The Deserter

Deveraux, Jude                               Met Her Match

Donoghue, Emma                          Akin: a novel

Dunmore, Evie                                Bringing Down the Duke

Evans, Mary Anna                         Catacombs

Flynn, Vince                                     Lethal Agent

Gerritsen, Tess                                The Shape of Night

Goodkind, Terry                             Wasteland

Greenwood, Bryn                          The Reckless Oath We Made

Griffin, Laura                                   Her Deadly Secrets

Grisham, John                                 The Guardians

Gross, Andrew                                The Fifth Column

Hannon, Irene                                 Dark Ambitions

Hardinger, Elizabeth                      All the Forgivenesses

Hilderbrand, Elin                            What Happens in Paradise

James, Peter                                    Dead at First Sight

Jio, Saah                                           All the Flowers in Paris

Johnston, Scott                               Campusland

Kantaria, Annabel                          I Know You

Katchur, Karen                                 Cold Woods

Kinsella, Sophie                              Christmas Shopaholic

Lagercrantz, David                         The Girl Who Lived Twice

Laurence, Michael                         The Extinction Agenda

Lester, Natasha                               The Paris Orphan

Littlefield, Sophie                          That’s What Frenemies Are For

Logan, T.M.                                      29 Seconds

Macomber, Debbie                        A Mrs. Miracle Christmas

Marrs, John                                     The Passengers

McKinlay, Jenn                                Word to the Wise

Meier, Leslie                                    Haunted House Murder

Miller, Judith                                   A Perfect Silhouette

Montag, Kassandra                        After the Flood

Neggers, Carla                                Rival’s Break

Oates, Joyce Carol                         Pursuit

Palmer, Diana                                  Unleashed

Patchett, Ann                                  The Dutch House

Patterson, James                            19th Christmas

Paul, Gill                                            The Lost Daughter

Peikoff, Kira                                      Mother Knows Best

Peterson, Tracie                              What Comes My Way

Prescott, Lara                                  The Secrets We Kept

Ramzipoor, E.R.                              The Ventriloquists

Robson, Jennifer                            The Gown

Sandford, John                               Bloody Genius

Scott, Rion Amilcar                        The World Doesn’t Require You

Steel, Danielle                                 Child’s Play

Stinson, Danielle                            Before I Disappear

Sveistrup, Soren                             The Chestnut Man

Unger, Lisa                                       The Stranger Inside

Whalen, Marybeth                        Only Ever Her

Wiseman, Beth                               Listening to Love

Woods, Stuart                                 Stealth