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New Non-Fiction Titles, October 2019

Acosta, Jim                           The Enemy of the People

Casey, Karen                        20 Things I know for Sure

Hemmingway, Mollie        Justice on Trial  

Khrushcheva, Nina            In Putin’s Footsteps

Leschziner, Guy                  The Nocturnal Brain: Secret World of Sleep

Logue, Mark                        The King’s War

Monroe, Rachel                  Savage Appetites: Women, Crime, and Obsession

Moscatello, Caitlin             See Jane Win

Pace, Kristin                         This Much Country: a Memoir

Paul, Pamela                        How to Raise a Reader

Raphael, June                     Represent

Rose, Jessica                        The Peach Truck

Rushin, Steve                      Nights in White Castle: a Memoir

Sahlberg, Pasi                      Let the Children Play

Sanders, Lisa                       Diagnosis

Taddeo, Lisa                         Three Women

Thomson, Mike                   Syria’s Secret Library

Westhoff, Ben                     Fentanyl, Inc.

Winder, Simon                    Lotharingia

Zinn, Howard                      Truth Has a Power of Its Own