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New Non-Fiction Titles, November 2019

Broom, Sarah                                  The Yellow House

Carpenter, Kyle                               You are Worth It: Building Life Worth Fighting For

Chopra, Deepak                              Metahuman

Clinton, Hillary                                The Book of Gutsy Women

Finlayson, Judith                            You Are What Your Grandparents Ate

Forleo, Marie                                  Everything is Figureoutable

Gladwell, Malcolm                        Talking to Strangers

Goodavage, Maria                         Doctor Dogs

Gottlieb, Lori                                   Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

Graff, Garrett                                   The Only Plane In The Sky: Oral History of 9/11      

Hardesty, Thomas                          Glimpses of Heaven

Horowitz, Alexandra                     Our Dogs, Ourselves

Jamison, Leslie                                Make it Scream, Make it Burn

Jensen, Billy                                     Chase Darkness with Me

Kantor, Jodi                                      She Said

Kleinman, Arthur                           The Soul of Care

Levingston, Steven                        Barack and Joe

Lobianco, Tom                                Piety & Power

Lucado, Max                                    How Happiness Happens

Makary, Marty                                The Price We Pay

McCulloch, Gretchen                    Because Internet

Michalsen, Andreas                      The Nature Cure

Moore, Demi                                   Inside Out: A Memoir

Pesta, Abigail                                   The Girls

Randolph, Eleanor                         The Many Lives of Michael Bloomberg

Rowe, Larry                                     Virginia Slavery and King Salt

Straight, Susan                               In the Country of Women

Sullivan, Bill                                     Please to Meet Me

Tyson, Neil DeGrasse                    Letters from an Astrophysicist

Wacker, Grant                                 One Soul at a Time: The Story of Billy Graham

Zirin, James                                      Plaintiff in Chief