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Aujla, Rupy                                       Eat to Beat Illness

Bell, Richard                                    Stolen

Bryson, Bill                                       The Body: A Guide for Occupants

Burroughs, Augusten                    Toil & Trouble

Campbell, Josh                               Crossfire Hurricane

Carroll, Sean                                    Something Deeply Hidden

Christie, Judy                                  Before and After

Farrow, Ronan                                Catch and Kill

Gaffigan, Jeannie                           When Life Gives You Pears

Hanson, Todd                                  Plymouth, The Putnam County Connection

Hatfield, Philip                                The Battle of Hurricane Bridge

Hatfield, Philip                                The Other Feud

Hayden, Torey                                 Lost Child

Heffernan, Lisa                               Grown & Flown

Hyman, Mark                                  Food: What the Heck Should I Cook?                

Iger, Robert                                      The Ride of a Lifetime

Jones, Saeed                                   How to Fight for Our Lives

Lowry, Erin                                       Broke Millennials Takes On Investing

Mattis, Jim                                       Call Sign Chaos

McDiarmid, Jessica                        Highway of Tears

Miller, Chanel                                  Know My Name

Rodsky, Eve                                      Fair Play

Rowe, Mike                                      The Way I Heard It

Snow, Richard                                 Disney’s Land

Snowden, Edward                          Permanent Record

Tuttle, Shea                                     Exactly As You Are

Urban, Melissa                                Whole30 Friends & Family: 150 Recipes

Weingarten, Gene                         One Day