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Barenbaum, Rachel                       A Bend in the Stars

Benedict, Marie                             Lady Clementine

Berg, Elizabeth                                Confession Club

Berry, Lucinda                                 The Perfect Child

Black, Michael                                 Legends of the West

Bryndza, Robert                             Nine Elms

Cameron, W.H.                               Crossroad

Carr, Jack                                          True Believer

Chamberlain, Diane                      Big Lies in a Small Town

Cockram, Jane                                The House of Brides

Dodd, Christina                               What Doesn’t Kill Her

Duke, Beth                                       It All Comes Back to You

Dye, Ginny                                       Courage Rising

Eggers, Dave                                   The Captain and the Glory

Ellison, J.T.                                        Good Girls Lie

Finder, Joseph                                 House on Fire

Flower, Amanda                             Verse and Vengeance

Gaitskill, Mary                                This is Pleasure

Gardner, Lisa                                   When You See Me

Goodkind, Terry                             Heart of Black Ice

Gray, Shelley Shepard                  The Protective One

Griffiths. Elly                                    Now You See Them

Harris, Charlaine                            A Longer Fall

Hawker, Libbie                                One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow

Hess, Annette                                 The German House

Hoover, Colleen                              Regretting You

Hyde, Catherine                             Stay

James, J.S.                                        River Run

Jewell, Lisa                                       The Family Upstairs

Johansen, Iris                                  Hindsight

Kanon, Joseph                                 The Accomplice

Kantra, Virginia                               Meg & Jo

Krentz, Janye                                   The Vanishing

Lehane, Con                                    Murder Off the Page

Lindsay, Jeffry                                  Just Watch Me

Mayhew, Julie                                 Impossible Causes

Mizushima, Margaret                   Tracking Game

Morgenstern, Erin                         The Starless Sea

Older, Daniel                                   The Book of Lost Saints

Patterson, James                            Lost

Perry, Thomas                                 A Small Town

Peterson, Tracie                              Forever Hidden

Rawlings, David                              The Camera Never Lies

Shafak, Elif                                       10 Minutes 38 Seconds in this Strange World

Shepard, Sara                                  Reputation

Stabenow, Dana                             No Fixed Line

Steel, Danielle                                 Moral Compass

Stiefvater, Maggie                         Call Down the Hawk

Waggoner, C.M.                             Unnatural Magic

Walters, Damien                            The Dead Girls Club

Winters, Rachel                              Would Like to Meet

Woods, Stuart                                 Treason

Wright, Jaime                                  Echoes Among the Stones

Younts, Elizabeth                            The Bright Unknown