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Adams, Jane                                    The Good Wife

Allan, Barbara                                 Antiques Fire Sale

Baldacci, David                               Walk the Wire

Barnett, S.K.                                    Safe

Barry, Max                                       Providence

Blaedel, Sara                                   The Third Sister

Briggs, Patricia                                Smoke Bitten

Castillo, Linda                                 Outsider

Chiaverini, Jennifer                       Mrs. Lincoln’s Sisters

Cleeton, Chanel                              The Last Train to Key West

Constantine, Liv                             The Wife Stalker

Coulter, Catherine                         Deadlock

Denton, Lauren                              The Summer House

Dunn, Casey                                     Silence on Cold River

Fisher, Suzanne Woods                On a Coastal Breeze

Forry, Lauren                                   They Did Bad Things

Foster, Brooke Lea                         Summer Darlings

Foster, Lori                                       The Somerset Girls

Frazier, Jean                                    Pizza Girl

Gabhart, Ann                                  An Appalachian Summer

Gingrich, Newt                               Shakedown

Goldberg, Nicola                            Nothing Can Hurt You

Goodkind, Terry                             Into Darkness

Graham, Heather                           Deadly Touch

Greaves, Abbie                               The Silent Treatment

Gunn, Robin Jones                         Being Known

Hagberg, David                               Crash

Hankin, Laura                                  Happy & You Know It

Hedlund, Jody                                 The Runaway Bride

Hilderbrand, Elin                            28 Summers

Hillier, Jennifer                                Little Secrets

Hogan, Ruth                        Queenie Malone’s Paradise Hotel

Irvin, Kelly                                         Closer Than She Knows

Jance, J.A.                                        Credible Threat

Jenner, Natalie                                The Jane Austen Society

Johansen, Iris                                  The Persuasion

Jones, Sandie                                  The Half Sister

Kane, Andrea                                   No Stone Unturned

Kealey, Imogen                               Liberation

Kellerman, Jonathan                     Half Moon Bay

Keyes, Marian                                 Grown Ups

King, Laurie                                      Riviera Gold

L’Engle, Madeleine                        The Moment of Tenderness

Lauren, Christinia                           The Honey-Don’t List

Lepionka, Kristen                           Once You Go This Far

Mackintosh, Sophie                      Blue Ticket

Macomber, Debbie                        A Walk Along the Beach

McCall-Smith, Alexander             The Geometry of Holding Hands

McComb, W.D.                               The Truth that Lies Between

McCreight, Kimberly                     A Good Marriage

McFarland, Jeni                              The House of Deep Water

Meja, Mindy                                    Strike Me Down

Miller, Holly                                     The Sight of You

Milliken, Kate                                  Kept Animals

Miranda, Megan                            The Girl From Widow Hills

Monroe, Mary                                Across the Way

Morey, Beth                                     The Love Story of Missy Carmichael

Novak, Brenda                                One Perfect Summer

Palmer, D.J.                                      The New Husband

Patterson, James                            1st Case

Patterson, James                            Cajun Justice

Pochoda, Ivy                                    These Women

Rimmer, Kelly                                  Truths I Never Told You

Robards, Karen                               The Black Swan of Paris

Roberts, Nora                                 Forever Summer

Schellman, Katharine                    The Body in the Garden

Silva, Daniel                                     The Order

Snelling, Lauraine                          A Blessing to Cherish

Steel, Danielle                                 Daddy’s Girls

Thomas, Jodi                                   Breakfast at the Honey Creek Café

Walker, Harriet                               The New Girl

Wiggs, Susan                                   The Lost and Found Bookshop