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Abrams, Stacey                               Our Time is Now

Arceneaux, Michael                      I Don’t Want to Die Poor

Bamberger, Michael                      The Second Life of Tiger Woods

Clavin, Tom                                      Tombstone

Copeland, Libby                             The Lost Family

Corera, Gordon                              Russians Among Us

Ehrenreich, Barbara                      Had I Known

Figueres, Christiana                      The Future We Choose

Foster, Diana                                   The Turnaway Study

Fuhrman, Joel                                 Eat for Life

Gaines, Joanna                               Magnolia Table

Gates, Robert                                  Exercise of Power

Hartwig, Dallas                               The 4 Season Solution

Jackson, Curtis                                Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter

Jordan, Mary                                   The Art of Her Deal

Karl, Jonathan                                 Front Row at the Trump Show

Kirk, Charlie                                     The Maga Doctrine

Kolker, Robert                                 Hidden Valley Road

Kraus, Dita                                       A Delayed Life

Landdeck, Katherine                     The Women with Silver Wings

Larson, Erik                                      The Splendid and the Vile

Lynn, Loretta                                   Me & Patsy, Kickin’ Up Dust

Maccallum, Martha                      Unknown Valor

Moore, Wayetu                              The Dragons, The Giant, The Woman

Murthy, Vivek                                  Together

Omar, Ilhan                                      This is What America Looks Like

Orman, Suze                                    The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+

Poumpouras, Evy                           Becoming Bulletproof

Reich, Robert                                  The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It

Ross, Bob                                          Life Lessons from Bob Ross: Be a Peaceful Cloud

Rule, Leslie                                       A Tangled Web

Sherman, Casey                              Hunting Whitey

Taylor, Keeanga-Yamahtta           Race for Profit

Taylor, W. David                              Open and Unafraid

Thomas, Marlo                               What Makes a Marriage Last

Trouet, Valerie                                Tree Story: History of World Written in Rings

Wallace, Chris                                 Countdown 1945

Wegman, Jesse                               Let the People Pick the President