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Adachi, Kendra                                           The Lazy Genius Way

Conn, Bobi                                                   In the Shadow of the Valley

Hager, Jenna Bush                                     Everything Beautiful in Its Time

Harris, Sam                                                  Making Sense

Knighton, Conor                                         Leave Only Footprints

Mackenzie, Debora                                   Covid-19

Manne, Kate                                                Entitled

Nir, Sarah                                                      Horse Crazy

O’Connell, Mark                                         Notes from the Apocalypse

O’Reilly, Bill                                                  Killing Crazy Horse

Perkins, Bill                                                  Die with Zero

Rankine, Claudia                                        Just Us: An American Conversation

Stanley, Amy                                               Stranger in the Shogun’s City