Selected New Books

New Fiction Titles, February 2018

Armstrong, Kelley                          This Fallen Prey Beaton, M.C.                                   Death of an Honest Man Benjamin, Chloe                             The Immortalists Benjamin, Melanie                        The Girls in the Picture Berenson, Alex                                The Deceivers Bishop, Anne                                   Etched in Bone: Novel of Others Black, Lisa                                         Perish Blaedel, Sara                                    The Undertaker’s Daughter Brunstetter,…

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New Non-Fiction Titles, February 2018

Bailenson, Jeremy                          Experience on Demand Baldwin, Alec                                   You Can’t Spell America Without Me Bernstein, Gabrielle                       Judgment Detox Bowler, Kate                                     Everything Happens For a Reason Brantz, Loryn                                   Lady Stuff Catte, Elizabeth                               What You are Getting Wrong About Appalachia Clark,…

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