New Fiction Titles, September 2018

October 9, 2018

Aveyard, Victoria                            War Storm

Bell, Lillian                                        A Grave Issue

Brandreth, Benet                           The Spy of Venice

Brennan, Allison                             Abandoned

Campbell, Michelle                        She Was the Quiet One

Castillo, Linda                                  Sworn to Silence

Coble, Colleen                                 Freedom’s Light

Coes, Ben                                          Bloody Sunday

Contreras, Ingrid                            Fruit of the Drunken Tree

Cussler, Clive                                    Shadow Tyrants

Dailey, Janet                                    Texas Free

Dey, Claudia                                     Heart-Breaker

Dobson, Melanie                            Hidden Among the Stars

Dukes, Michael                                Avenging Angels

Edwards, Eldonna                          This I Know

Forman, Gayle                                I Have Lost My Way

Frey, Rea                                           Not Her Daughter

Graham, Heather                           Echoes of Evil

Greenwood, T.                                Rust & Stardust

Hartsuyker, Linnea                         Sea Queen

Henderson, Dee                             Cost of Betrayal

Jance, J.A.                                         Field of Bones

Johnson, Craig                                Depth of Winter

Kearsley, Susanna                          Bellewether

Koontz, Dean                                  The Forbidden Door

Lauren, Christina                            Josh & Hazel’s Guide to New Dating

Lewis, Beverly                                  The First Love

Markley, Stephen                           Ohio: A Novel

McMorris, Kristina                         Sold on a Monday

Michaels, Fern                                Safe and Sound

Montefiore, Santa                         Secret of the Irish Castle

Moretti, Kate                                   In Her Bones

Nelson, Christina                            Swimming in the Deep End

Orange, Tommy                              There, There

Patterson, James                            Juror #3

Paul, Gill                                            Another Woman’s Husband

Perry, Anne                                      Dark Tide Rising

Peterson, Tracie                              In Times Gone By

Robb, J.D.                                         Leverage in Death

Scarrow, Alex                                   Plague Land

Schaffer, Bernard                           Thief of All Light

Steel, Danielle                                 In His Father’s Footsteps

Steinhauer, Olen                             Middle Man

Tolkein, J.R.R.                                   The Fall of Gondolin

Van Den Berg, Laura                     Third Hotel

White, Loreth                                  Girl in the Moss

New Non-Fiction Titles, September 2018

October 9, 2018

Biederman, Felix                             The Chapo Guide to Revolution

Bishop, Mary                                   Don’t You Ever Forget

Collins, Max Allan                           Scarface and the Untouchable

D’Souza, Disnesh                           Death of a Nation

Delffs, Dudley                                  Faith of Dolly Parton

Duncan, Arne                                  How Schools Work

Foster, Alan Dean                           Relic

Francis, Pope                                   A Future of Faith

Hughley, D.L.                                   How Not To Get Shot

Johnson, Ronald                             13 Days in Ferguson

Lieberman, Daniel                          The Molecule of More

Lucado, Max                                    Unshakable Hope

Marrone, Teresa                             The Beginner’s Guide to Dehydrating Food

Panetta, Karen                                Count Girls In

Quammen, David                           Tangled Tree

Spicer, Sean                                     The Briefing

Woodward, Bob                             Fear