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New Fiction Titles, August 2020

September 4, 2020

Aitken, Molly                                               The Island Child

Atakora, Afia                                               Conjure Women

Barry, Jessica                                               Don’t Turn Around

Beanland, Rachel                                       Florence Adler Swims Forever

Bennett, Brit                                                The Vanishing Half

Billingham, Mark                                       Cry Baby

Binder, L. Annette                                      The Vanishing Sky

Burke, James Lee                                       A Private Cathedral

Campbell, Michele                                    The Wife Who Knew Too Much

Center, Katherine                                       What You Wish For

Connealy, Mary                                          Woman of Sunlight

Cooper, Ellison                                            Cut to the Bone

Coyle, Cleo                                                   Brewed Awakening

Dilallo, Richard                                           The Midwife Murders

Dionne, Karen                                             The Wicked Sister

Donoghue, Emma                                      The Pull of the Stars

Downes, Anna                                            The Safe Place

Eason, Lynette                                             Collateral Damage

Feeney, Alice                                               His & Hers

Finkbeiner, Susie                                        Stories that Bind Us

Foley, Lucy                                                   The Guest List

Freeman, Brian                                           Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Evolution

Fuller, Kathleen                                           Amish Generation

Gibson, Rachel                                            How Lulu Lost Her Mind

Goldberg, Lee                                             Fake Truth

Goldin, Megan                                            The Night Swim

Hamilton, Karen                                         The Last Wife

Hamilton, Laurell                                       Sucker Punch

Harmel, Kristin                                            The Book of Lost Names

Harvey, Kristy Woodson                          Feels Like Falling

Hatcher, Robin Lee                                    How Sweet It Is

Hedlund, Jody                                             Bride of Convenience

Howard, Linda                                            After Sundown

Johnson, Liz                                                 A Dazzle of Diamonds

Katz, Erica                                                    The Boys’ Club

Klune, T.J.                                                     The House in the Cerulean Sea

Kwan, Kevin                                                 Sex and Vanity

Lapena, Shari                                              The End of Her

Logan, T.M.                                                  The Vacation

Louis, Lia                                                      Dear Emmie Blue

Lustbader, Eric Van                                   The Nemesis Manifesto

Mallery, Susan                                            The Friendship List

Mckinnon, Hannah                                   The View From Here

Mitchell, David                                           Utopia Avenue

Page, Nora                                                   Read or Alive

Paris, B.A.                                                     The Dilemma

Reid, Ruth                                                    Steadfast Mercy

Rovin, Jeff                                                     Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: God of War

Sager, Riley                                                   Home Before Dark

Scott, E.G.                                                    In Case of Emergency

Simsion, Graeme                                        The Rosie Result

Slaughter, Karin                                          The Silent Wife

Spillane, Mickey                                         Masquerade for Murder

Tudor, C.J.                                                    The Other People

Woods, Stuart                                             Choppy Water

Zahn, Timothy                                             Queen

New Non-Fiction Titles, August 2020

September 4, 2020

Billman, Jon                                                 The Cold Vanish

Cobb, Sara J. and Katie Cobb                 Katie’s Story

Enss, Chris                                                    No Place for a Woman

Mikovits, Judy                                             Plague of Corruption

Palmieri, Jennifer                                       She Proclaims

Rehm, Diane                                                When My Time Comes

Sow, Aminatou                                           Big Friendship: Keep Each Other Close

Tallamy, Douglas                                        Nature’s Best Hope