New Fiction Titles, September 2017

October 11, 2017

Anderson, Jodi Lynn                      Midnight at the Electric

Armstrong, Kelley                          Rituals

Ballard, Alexandra                         What I Lost

Black, Saul                                        LoveMurder

Blasberg, Jeanne                            Eden

Brennan, Allison                             Shattered

Brunstetter, Wanda                       The Beloved Christmas Quilt

Carlisle, Anna                                  All the Secret Places

Carr, Robyn                                      The Summer That Made Us

Coben, Harlan                                 Don’t Let Go

Coleman, Reed                                Robert B. Parker’s Hangman’s Sonnet

Cook, Robin                                     Charlatans

Cosimano, Elle                                 Suffering Tree

Coulter, Catherine                          Enigma

Culliton, Emily                                 Misfortune of Marion Palm

Cussler, Clive                                    The Romanov Ransom

Cutter, Nick                                      Little Heaven

Delaney, Vicki                                  Body on Baker Street

DeMille, Nelson                              The Cuban Affair

Denfeld, Rene                                  The Child Finder

Ellis, Ann                                           You May Already Be a Winner

Flynn, Vince                                     Enemy of the State

Follett, Ken                                       A Column of Fire

Goldberg, Tod                                 Gangster Nation

Goldman, Matt                               Gone to Dust

Graham, Heather                           Dying Breath

Groen, Hendrik                               Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen

Gross, Andrew                                Saboteur

Hamer, Kate                                     Doll Funeral

Harris, Charlaine                            Sleep Like a Baby

Hunter, Lindsay                               Eat Only When You’re Hungry

Jance. J.A.                                         Proof of Life

Johns, Roger                                    Dark River Rising

Johnson, Craig                                Western Star

Jones, Nathan                                 Dragonkyn

Kamal, Sheena                                The Lost Ones

Karon, Jan                                        To Be Where You Are

Keller, Julia                                       Fast Falls the Night

Kelly, Martha                                   Lilac Girls

King, Stephen                                  Sleeping Beauties

Krueger, William                            Sulfur Springs

Kwast, Ernest Van Der                   The Ice-Cream Makers

Larsen, Ward                                   Assassin’s Code

Le Carre, John                                 A Legacy of Spies

Lewis, Beverly                                  The Proving

Mallery, Susan                                 You Say it First

Marais, Bianca                                Hum If You Don’t Know the Words

Maxwell, Lisa                                   Last Magician

McCrumb, Sharyn                          The Unquiet Grave

McManus, Karen                            One of Us is Lying

Mead, Richelle                                Midnight Jewel

Messud, Claire                                The Burning Girl

Michaels, Fern                                Holly and Ivy

Mizushima, Margaret                   Hunting Hour

Montefiore, Santa                         Daughters of Ireland

Moore, Meg Mitchell                    The Captain’s Daughter

Moriarty, Sarah                              North Haven

Murphy, Emily                                 The Disappearances

Myers, Lily                                        This Impossible Light

Neggers, Carla                                 Thief’s Mark

Ng, Celeste                                       Little Fires Everywhere

Nicholson, Thom                            Pinkerton’s Gold

Osborne, Lawrence                       Beautiful Animals

Paris, B.A.                                         The Breakdown

Patterson, James                            Haunted

Penney, Stef                                     Under a Pole Star

Perry, Anne                                      An Echo of Murder

Peters, Ralph                                   Judgment at Appomattox

Peterson, Tracie                              Cherished Mercy

Phillips, Gin                                      Fierce Kingdom

Richmond, Michelle                       The Marriage Pact

Richtel, Matt                                    Dead on Arrival

Robb, J.D.                                         Secrets in Death

Roux, Madeleine                            House of Furies

Rushdie, Salman                             The Golden House

Schmitt, Gerry                                 Shadow Girl

Spradlin, Michael                           Prisoner of War

Steinkeller, Teddy                            Two Roads from Here

Sternbergh, Adam                         The Blinds

Storey, Erik                                       A Promise to Kill

Swenson, Wallace                          Slate Creek

Tallent, Gabriel                                My Absolute Darling

Tracy, P.J.                                          Nothing Stays Buried

Walker, Sage                                    The Man in the Tree

Wang, Daren                                   The Hidden Light of Northern Fires

Ware, Ruth                                       The Lying Game

Werlin, Nancy                                  And Then There Were Four

Wilson, Andrew                              A Talent for Murder

Wiseman, Ellen                               The Life She Was Given

New Non-Fiction Titles, September 2017

October 11, 2017

Andersen, Kurt                               Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire

Arnold, Catharine                          Edward VII: Prince of Wales

Basu, Shrabani                                Victoria & Abdul

Bateson, John                                  The Education of a Coroner

Bontinck, Dimitri                            Rescued from ISIS

Conahan, Gillian                             The Hero’s Closet: Sewing for Cosplay

Dreeke, Robin                                  The Code of Trust

Elkaim, Yuri                                      All-Day Fat-Burning Cookbook

Eriksen, Marcus                              Junk Raft

Factor, Eliza                                      Strange Beauty: A Portrait of My Son

Goodier, Susan                                Women Will Vote

Hanks, David                                    Down By the Feed Mill

Hinshaw, Stephen                          Another Kind of Madness

Kimberley, Hannah                        A Woman’s Place Is at the Top

Loyd, Robert                                    Miracle in the South Pacific

Neuman, Johanna                          Gilded Suffragists

Newman, Judith                             To Siri with Love

Pfordresher, John                          The Secret History of Jane Eyre

Phelps, M. William                        Dangerous Ground

Rubin, Gretchen                             The Four Tendencies

Sasse, Ben                                        The Vanishing American Adult

Scott, Jonathan                               It Takes Two: Our Story

Service, Robert                               The Last of the Tsars

Smucker, Philip                                Riding with George

Sutton, Robert                                Stark Mad Abolitionists