New Fiction- March 2017

March 30, 2017

Ahlborn, Ania                                      The Devil Crept In

Armstrong, Kelley                               A Darkness Absolute

Atkinson, Russell                                 Behead Me

Bickford, Susan                                   Short Time to Die

Black, Lisa                                           Unpunished

Blackwell, Elizabeth                            In the Shadow of Lakecrest

Box, C.J.                                               Vicious Circle

Bracken, Alexandra                            Wayfarer

Brown, Carolyn                                   Barefoot Summer

Brown, Holly                                       This is Not Over

Brown, Karen                                      Clairvoyants

Buzzelli, Elizabeth                               She Stopped for Death

Carnoy, David                                     Lucidity

Chaney, Joann                                    What You Don’t Know

Clark, Mary Higgins                            All By Myself, Alone

Copeland, Lori                                     Amelia and the Captain

Corry, Jane                                          My Husband’s Wife

Coulter, Catherine                              Devil’s Triangle

Crombie, Deborah                              Garden of Lamentations

Cuffe, Sophie                                       Blind Man’s Bluff

Cussler, Clive                                      Cutthroat

Datlow, Ellen, editor                           Black Feathers

Diller, Janelle                                      Never Enough Flamingos

Domine, David                                    Voodoo Days at La Casa Fabulosa

Ewan, Chris                                         Long Time Lost

Faulkner, Colleen                                What Makes a Family

Feliz, Mary                                          Address to Die For

Freeman, Brian                                   Night Bird

Galante, Cecilia                                  Odds of You and Me

Garber, Stephanie                               Caraval

Gay, William                                       Long Home

Glaser, Mechthild                               Book Jumper

Grant, Michael                                    Silver Stars

Greaney, Mark                                    Gunmetal Gray

Guinn, Jeff                                           Silver City

Harman, Patricia                                Runaway Midwife

Harrison, Jim                                       Ancient Minstrel

Higgins, Kristan                                   On Second Thought

Hocking, Amanda                                Freeks

Holt, Anne                                           Beyond the Truth

Hooper, Kay                                        Wait for Dark

Howard, A.G.                                       Roseblood

Howard, Catherine                             Distress Signals

Hunter, Georgia                                  We Were the Lucky Ones

Hurley, Kameron                                 The Stars are Legion

Jaeger, Meredith                                Dressmaker’s Dowry

Jahn, Ryan                                           Breakout

Jance, Judith A.                                   Man Overboard

Jio, Sarah                                             Always

Jones, Darynda                                    Eleventh Grave in Moonlight

Karst, Leslie                                         Measure of Murder

Kay, Edward                                        At Rope’s End

Kellerman, Fay                                    Bone Box

Kennedy, Emma                                  Shoes for Anthony

Kent, Kathleen                                     The Dime

Kinghorn, Judith                                  Echo of Twilight

Kinsella, Sophie                                   My Not So Perfect Life

Kitamura, Katie                                   Separation

Lee, Fonda                                           EXO

Lost, Loretta                                        Fire Proof Girl

Macomber, Debbie                             If Not for You

Market, James                                    Angels’ Share

Marquardt, Marie                              The Radius of Us

McLaren, Kaya                                    Road to Enchantment

Messineo, Teresa                                Fire by Night

Nolfi, Christine                                    Sweet Lake

North, Ryan                                         Romeo and Juliet: Chooseable-Path Adventure

Nottingham, Lena                               Yellow

Orlando, Kristen                                  You Don’t Know My Name

Osborne, David                                   The Coming

Otts, Phillip                                         A Storm Before the War

Patterson, James                                 Black Book

Perry, Anne                                         Murder on the Serpentine

Peterson, Tracie                                  Treasured Grace

Pintoff, Stefanie                                  City on Edge

Ramsay, Frederick                              Copper Kettle: Ike Schwartz Mystery

Raybourn, Deanna                              A Perilous Undertaking

Royal, Priscilla                                    Proud Sinner

Rubin, Lance                                       Denton Little’s Still Not Dead

Santiago, Mikel                                   Last Night at Tremore Beach

Shambley, Timothy                             Slade River

Smith, Martin                                      Girl from Venice

Smith, Michael                                    Desperation Road

Spinella, Laura                                    Unstrung

Steel, Danielle                                    Dangerous Games

Stoker, Bram                                       Power of Darkness: Lost Version of Dracula

Towles, Amor                                      A Gentleman in Moscow

Turtschaninoff, Maria                       Maresi: The Red Abbey Chronicles

Valentine, Jenny                                  Fire Color One

Wallace, Melanie                               Girl in the Garden

Webb, Betty                                        Desert Vengeance

White, Randy Wayne                          Mangrove Lightning

Whittington, Harry                              Trouble Rides Tall

Willis, Lynn                                          Tell Me No Lies

Wood, Charlotte                                 Natural Way of Things

New Non-Fiction- March 2017

March 30, 2017

Appleby, Matthew                                          Children’s Garden

Aviv, Jonathan                                                Acid Watcher Diet

Avlon, John                                                      Washington’s Farewell

Baxter, Sarah                                                  Lonely Planet’s Where to Go

Bean, Anita                                                     The Vegetarian Athlete’s Cookbook

Bell, Lorraine                                                  Art of Crayon

Bittner, Stefani                                                Harvest: Projects Using Plants

Blackburn, Elizabeth                                       Telomere Effect

Borzutsky, Daniel                                            Performance of Becoming Human

Cahan, Richard                                               Un-American: Incarceration of Japanese

Campisi, Charles                                             Blue on Blue

Coghlan, Ali                                                     Get Crafty

Conley, Dalton                                                Genome Factor

Copsey, Kate                                                   Downsized Veggie Garden

Curtis, Susan                                                   Essential Oils

Czerski, Helen                                                 Storm in a Teacup

Dando-Collins, Stephen                                   War Diaries, 1939-1945

David, Leonard                                                MARS: Our Future on the Red Planet

Dinwiddie, Robert                                           Stars: Guide to Cosmos

Douglas, Scott                                                 100 Things You Can Do to Stay Fit and Healthy

Dunbar, Erica                                                  Never Caught

Eisl, Markkus                                                   Water: Exploring the Blue Planet

Elborough, Travis                                            Atlas of Improbable Places

Elphick, Jonathan                                            Birds: Complete Guide

Emery, Esther                                                   What Falls from the Sky

Ensign, Josephine                                            Catching Homelessness

Faber, Joanna                                                   How to Talk So Little Kids Listen

Farley, Janet                                                      Military Life 101

Fischer, Julia                                                     Monkeytalk

Fisher, Carrie                                                   Princess Diarist

Fowler, Jarrod                                                 100 Plants to Feed the Bees

Gedgaudas, Nora                                            Primal Fat Burner

George, Denise                                               Lost Eleven

Glantz, Jen                                                      Always a Bridesmaid

Gorel, Samantha                                           Manga: The Mega Guide

Grace, Laura                                                 Tranny

Greutman, Lauren                                         Recovering Spender

Grunenwald, Jill                                            Running With a Police Escort

Guyenet, Stephan                                          Hungry Brain

Hackl, Erich                                                   Three Tearless Histories

Haddow, Nick                                                Milk Made

Hall, Lynn                                                       Caged Eyes: Air Force Cadet’s Story of Rape

Harding, Luke                                                A Very Expensive Poison

Haskell, Molly                                                Steven Spielberg:  A Life in Film

Hester, Kathy                                                 Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

Hochschild, Arlie                                          Strangers in their Own Land

Hoffman, Edward                                        Paths to Happiness

Judis, John                                                    Populist Explosion

Kelly, Clinton                                                I Hate Everyone, Except You

Kelly, Rachel                                                Walking on Sunshine

Lake, Thomas                                               Unprecedented: Election the Changed Everything

Lambert, Carol                                                Women with Controlling Partners

Lochery, Neill                                                  Resistible Rise of Benjamin Netanyahu

Lyon, Gloria                                                     Mommy, What’s That Number on Your Arm?

McOrist, Wilson                                              Shackleton’s Heroes

Merkin, Daphne                                              This Close to Happy

Mill, Alfred                                                      Social Security 101

Millan, Cesar                                                  Lessons from the Pack

Millman, Lawrence                                         At the End of the World

Moskowitz, Isa                                                Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook

Nixon, John                                                      Interrogation of Saddam Hussein

Nolan, Tara                                                     Raised Bed Revolution

Pfaff, John                                                       Locked In

Pryor, Elizabeth                                               Six Encounters with Lincoln

Riss, Suzanne                                                   The Optimist’s Guide to Divorce

Roosevelt, Jr. Ted                                            His Father’s Son

Russell, Laurie                                                 Journey to 50

Rydahl, Malene                                               Happy as a Dane

Rydell, Anders                                                Book Thieves: Nazi Looting

Sabbage, Sophie                                              Cancer Whisperer

Sanders, Bernie                                               Our Revolution

Schroff, Laura                                                 Invisible Thread: Story of 11 year old Panhandler

Shetterly, Margot                                           Hidden Figures

Sims, Michael                                                 Arthur and Sherlock

Snyder, Melissa                                               Herb Gardening

Stargardt, Nicholas                                         German War

Subramanian, Sunny                                       Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty

Taubes, Gary                                                   Case Against Sugar

Thornton, Shawn                                          All But Normal

Weikart, Richard                                            Hitler’s Religion

Williams, Terry                                                Teenage Suicide Notes

Wilson, Kevin                                                    Blood and Fears