New Fiction, August 2017

September 11, 2017

Ahdieh, Renee                                 Flame in the Mist

Andrews, Donna                            Gone Gull

Atkins, Ace                                       Fallen

Backlund, J.R.                                  Among the Dead

Barnes, Emily                                   Death in the Abstract

Barton, Fiona                                  The Child

Berman, Mandy                              Perennials

Brockmann, Suzanne                    Some Kind of Hero

Brown, Janelle                                 Watch Me Disappear

Brown, Sandra                                Seeing Red

Brunstetter, Wanda                       The Beloved Christmas Quilt

Byler, Linda                                       The Homestead

Cameron, Stella                              Lies That Bind

Cantero, Edgar                                Meddling Kids

Cantor, Jillian                                   The Lost Letter

Carlson, Melody                             Under a Summer Sky

Casey, Jane                                       Let the Dead Speak

Castillo, Linda                                  Down a Dark Road

Cleave, Paul                                     A Killer Harvest

Clipston, Amy                                  Beloved Hope Chest

Collins, Tess                                      Shadow Mountain

Conway, Martha                             Underground River

Coughlin, Jack                                 In The Cross Hairs

Creech, Sarah                                  Whole Way Home

Crider, Bill                                         Dead To Begin With

Dave, Laura                                      Hello, Sunshine

Freed, Lynn                                      Last Laugh

Fuller, Alexandra                            Quiet until the Thaw

Galloway, Marcus                           Easy Pickin’s

Gelman, Laurie                               Class Mom

Gerritsen, Tess                                 I Know a Secret

Grafton, Sue                                    Y is for Yesterday

Gray, Shelley                                    His Guilt

Gregory, Philippa                           The Kingmaker’s Daughter

Houston, Victoria                           Dead Spider

Kellerman, Jonathan                     Crime Scene

Kelly, Erin                                          He Said/She Said

Kenyon, Sherrilyn                           Dragonsworn

Levine, Laura                                   Death of a Bachelorette

Macomber, Debbie                        Any Dream Will Do

Mallery, Susan                                 Secrets of the Tulip Sisters

Maron, Margarot                           Take Out

Martin, Kat                                       Beyond Reason

Maxwell, Edith                                Mulch Ado about Murder

McCafferty, Keith                           Cold Hearted River

McHale, Celeste                              Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories

McMillan, Claire                             The Necklace

Melamed, Jennie                            Gather the Daughters

Michaels, Fern                                Need to Know

Muller, Marcia                                 Color of Fear

Nesbitt, John                                   Destiny at Dry Camp

Novak, Kathleen                             Rare Birds

Ostby, Anne                                     Pieces of Happiness

Parker, T. Jefferson                       Room of White Fire

Patterson, James                            The Dolls

Patterson, James                            The Medical Examiner

Patterson, James                            The Store

Pendziwol, Jean                              Lightkeeper’s Daughter

Peters, Elizabeth                             Painted Queen

Quick, Amanda                               The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Quick, Matthew                              The Reason You’re Alive

Quinn, Spencer                               The Right Side

Reid, Ruth                                         Abiding Mercy

Rose, Augustus                               Ready-Made Thief

Sager, Riley                                       Final Girls

Scipioni, Angela                              Iris & Lily

Scottoline, Lisa                                Exposed

Seddon, Holly                                  Don’t Close Your Eyes

Slaughter, Karin                              Good Daughter

Snelling, Lauraine                           Promise of Dawn

Spindler, Erica                                 The Other Girl

Steel, Danielle                                 The Right Time

Thomas, Rosie                                 Sun at Midnight

Ward, J.R.                                         Devil’s Cut

White, Karen                                   Guests of South Battery

Wiggs, Susan                                   Map of the Heart

Wingate, Lisa                                   Before We Were Yours

Woods, Janet                                   Whispers in the Wind

Woods, Stuart                                 Barely Legal

New Non-Fiction, August 2017

September 11, 2017

Bush, George                                   Portraits of Courage

Dickinson, Rachel                           Notorious Reno Gang

Fisher, David                                    Bill O’Reilly’s Legends & Lies

Gundry, Steven                               Plant Paradox

Hesse, Monica                                 American Fire

Kean, Sam                                        Caesar’s Last Breath

Kleiss, N. Jack                                   Never Call Me a Hero

Larson, Eric B.                                 Enlightened Aging

Levin, Mark                                      Rediscovering Americanism

Lineberry, Cate                                Be Free or Die

Livio, Mario                                      Why? What Makes Us Curious

Looser, Devoney                             Making of Jane Austen

McCullough, David                        American Spirit

Monk, Noel                                      Runnin’ With the Devil

Nye, Bill                                             Everything All at Once

Poundstone, Paula                        Totally Unscientific Study of Happiness

Roosevelt, Curtis                             Upstairs at the Roosevelts

Schilling, Heinz                                Martin Luther: Rebel in Age of Upheaval

Steffens, Roger                               So Much Things to Say: Bob Marley

Waite, Jen                                         A Beautiful, Terrible Thing