New Fiction Titles, October 2017

October 31, 2017

Adams, Michelle                                         If You Knew My Sister

Beaton, M.C.                                               The Witches Tree

Berenson, Laurien                                      Wagging Through the Snow

Bollen, Christopher                                    The Destroyers

Bolton, Sharon                                            Dead Woman Walking

Brown, Dan                                                  Origin

Chazin, Suzanne                                         Place in the Wind

Corbett, Ron                                                Ragged Lake

Doctorow, Cory                                           Walkaway

Duncan, Alexandra                                    Blight

Dye, Ginny                                                    Looking to the Future

Estevao, Jessica                                           Whispers of Warning

Fairytale                                                        Danielle Steel

Fergus, Jim                                                   Vengeance of Mothers

French, Gillian                                             Door to January

Gabhart, Ann                                              These Healing Hills

Grisham, John                                             Rooster Bar

Hilderbrand, Elin                                        Winter Solstice

Hoffman, Alice                                            Rules of Magic

Johansen, Iris                                              Mind Game

Joosten, Melanie                                        Berlin Syndrome

Kellerman, Faye                                          Killing Season

Kendal, Claire                                              The Second Sister

Kingsbury, Kate                                           Doom with a View

Land, Ali                                                        Good Me, Bad Me

Lewis, Beverly                                              Beverly Lewis Amish Romance Collection

Macomber, Debbie                                    Merry and Bright

Mallery, Susan                                             Second Chance Girl

Mastai, Elan                                                 All Our Wrong Todays

Meades, Christopher                                Hanna Who Fell From the Sky

Night, D.E.                                                    The Crowns of Croswald

Reintgen, Scott                                           Nyxia

Sandford, John                                           Deep Freeze

Shatner, William                                         Zero G

Wiseman, Beth                                           Amish Christmas Love

Woods, Sherryl                                           Lilac Lane

Woods, Stuart                                             Quick & Dirty

New Non-Fiction Titles, October 2017

October 31, 2017

Alexie, Sherman                                         You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

Clinton, Hillary                                            What Happened

English, Ashley                                            Essential Book of Homesteading

Freeman, John                                            Tales of Two Americas

Ivker, Rav                                                       Cannabis for Chronic Pain

Kiernan, Denise                                          The Last Castle

Lucado, Max                                                Anxious for Nothing

Lustig, Robert                                              The Hacking of the American Mind

McKenna, Maryn                                       Big Chicken

Oz, Mehmet                                                Food Can Fix It

Roach, Craig                                                Simply Electrifying

Spence, Annie                                             Dear Fahrenheit 451

Tur, Katy                                                        Unbelievable

Williams, Joseph                                         The Sunken Gold