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New Fiction Titles, October 2020

November 4, 2020

Adams, Alina                                               The Nesting Dolls

Backman, Fredrik                                       Anxious People

Berenson, Laurien                                     Howloween Murder

Berman, Ella                                                The Comeback

Black, Lisa                                                     Every Kind of Wicked

Blackburn, Maggie                                    Little Bookshop of Murder

Bradbury, Ray                                              Killer, Come Back to Me

Brook, Allison                                              Checked Out for Murder

Cline, Emma                                                Daddy

Coble, Colleen                                             Two Reasons to Run

Downing, Samantha                                 He Started It

Fleet, Rebecca                                            The Second Wife

Fluke, Joanne                                              Christmas Cupcake Murder

Flynn, Vince                                                 Total Power

Follett, Ken                                                  The Evening and the Morning

Graham, Heather                                       Dreaming Death

Gray, Shelley Shepard                              Amish Christmas Twins

Gray, Shelley Shepard                              Take the Lead

Hilderbrand, Elin                                        Troubles in Paradise

Hoffman, Alice                                            Magic Lessons

Hurwitz, Gregg                                           Into the Fire

Johnson, Craig                                            Next to Last Stand

Joshi, Alka                                                    The Henna Artist

Klassen, Julie                                               An Ivy Hill Christmas

Koontz, Dean                                              Elsewhere

Lewis, Beverly                                             The Stone Wall

Lupica, Mike                                                Robert B. Parker’s Fool’s Paradise

Macomber, Debbie                                    Holiday Lights

Macomber, Debbie                                    Jingle All The Way

Mallery, Susan                                            Happily This Christmas

Maxwell, Alyssa                                          Murder at Kingscote

McCarthy, Kyle                                            Everyone Knows How Much I Love You

Michaels, Fern                                            The Brightest Star

Mizushima, Margaret                               Hanging Falls

Oates, Joyce Carol                                     Cardiff, By the Sea

Patterson, James                                        The Coast to Coast Murders

Perry, Anne                                                  A Question of Betrayal

Peterson, Tracie                                          Forever By Your Side

Petty, Kate Reed                                         True Story: a Novel

Picoult, Jodi                                                 The Book of Two Ways

Powell, James                                              The 2084 Report

Shocklee, Michelle                                    Under the Tulip Tree

Smith, Wilbur                                              Call of the Raven

Sparks, Nicholas                                         The Return

Sproles, Cindy                                             What Momma Left Behind

Taylor, Brad                                                  Hunter Killer

Ware, Ruth                                                  One By One

New Non-Fiction Titles, October 2020

November 4, 2020

Adachi, Kendra                                           The Lazy Genius Way

Conn, Bobi                                                   In the Shadow of the Valley

Hager, Jenna Bush                                     Everything Beautiful in Its Time

Harris, Sam                                                  Making Sense

Knighton, Conor                                         Leave Only Footprints

Mackenzie, Debora                                   Covid-19

Manne, Kate                                                Entitled

Nir, Sarah                                                      Horse Crazy

O’Connell, Mark                                         Notes from the Apocalypse

O’Reilly, Bill                                                  Killing Crazy Horse

Perkins, Bill                                                  Die with Zero

Rankine, Claudia                                        Just Us: An American Conversation

Stanley, Amy                                               Stranger in the Shogun’s City