New Fiction Titles, April

May 2, 2019

Baldacci, David                                Redemption

Bishop, Anne                                   Wild Country

Blaedel, Sara                                    Her Father’s Secret

Breslin, Kate                         Far Side of the Sea

Brown, Carolyn                               The Magnolia Inn

Butler, Nickolas                                Little Faith

Cabot, Amanda                               Tender Hope

Cameron, Marc                              Open Carry

Carlson, Melody                             Courting Mr. Emerson

Carpenter, Emily                             Until The Day I Die

Carty-Williams, Candice               Queenie

Castle, Richard                                Crashing Heat

Cho, Zen                                           The True Queen

Choo, Yangsze                                 Night Tiger

Clare, Cassandra                             The Red Scrolls of Magic

Connolly, Maureen                        Little, Lovely Things

Daugherty, Christi                          A Beautiful Corpse

Davis, Kathryn                                 The Silk Road

Dawson, Delilah                              No Country for Old Gnomes

Di Maio, Camille                             Beautiful Strangers

Doctorow, Cory                               Radicalized

Downing, Samantha                      My Lovely Wife

Eggers, Dave                                    The Parade

Ferlinghetti, Lawrence                  Little Boy

Fox, Candice                                    Redemption Point

Genova, Lisa                                    Every Note Played

Goodkind, Terry                              The Scribbly Man

Grebe, Camilla                                After She’s Gone

Hannah, Sophie                              Next To Die

Hannon, Irene                                 Driftwood Bay

Jance, J.A.                                         The A List

Kingsbury, Karen                            Two Weeks

Landsdale, Joe                                 The Elephant of Surprise

Landvik, Lorna                                 Chronicles of a Radical Hag

Lelchuk, S.A.                                    Save Me from Dangerous Men

Lewis, Beverly                                  The Tinderbox

MacDougal, Bonnie                       House on Fire

Maxwell, Edith                                Charity’s Burden

McCall Smith, Alexander              The Department of Sensitive Crimes

McManus, Karen                            Two Can Keep a Secret

Meissner, Susan                              The Last Year of the War

Mejia, Tehlor                                    We Set the Dark on Fire

Moyes, Jojo                                      The Peacock Emporium

Oyeyemi, Helen                               Ginger Bread

Parks, Brad                                       The Last Act

Patrick, Phaedra                             The Library of Lost and Found

Patterson, James                            Miracle at St. Andrews

Patterson, James                            The Fall of Crazy House

Perry, Anne                                      Triple Jeopardy

Petersheim, Jolina                          How the Light Gets In

Pomare, J.P.                                     Call Me Evie

Pyper, Andrew                                The Homecoming

Raybourn, Deanna                         A Dangerous Collaboration

Reich, Christopher                         Crown Jewel

Reid, Taylor Jenkins                        Daisy Jones & the Six

Reynolds, Justin                              Opposite of Always

Ridker, Andrew                                The Altruists

Rosenberg, Joel                              The Persian Gamble

Rosenwaike, Polly                           Look How Happy I’m Making You

Ross, Ann B.                                     Miss Julia Takes the Wheel

Rum, Etaf                                          A Woman is No Man

Russell, Craig                                   The Devil Aspect

Ryan, Annelise                                 Dead of Winter

Sandford, John                               Neon Prey

Scottoline, Lisa                                Someone Knows

Stewart, Mariah                             The Goodbye Café

Swanson, Peter                               Before She Knew Him

Webb, Betty                         Desert Redemption

Wilkins, Joe                                      Fall Back Down When I Die

Winspear, Jacqueline                    The American Agent

Winston, Lolly                                 Me for You

New Non-Fiction Titles, April

May 2, 2019

Anderson, Heather                        Thirst: 2600 Miles to Home

Axtell, Brooke                                  Beautiful Justice

Brinkley, Douglas                            American Moonshot

Butler, Katy                                       The Art of Dying Well

Chambers, Veronica                      Queen Bey: A Celebration of Power

Christie, Chris                                  Let Me Finish

Davies, Simone                               The Montessori Toddler

Delbanco, Andrew                         The War Before the War

Enns, Peter                                       How the Bible Actually Works

Frisch, Ian                                         Magic Is Dead

Garfield, Simon                               In Miniature

Gisel, Judith                                     Never Enough

Hanson, Victor                                The Case for Trump

Harkins, Anthony                           Appalachian Reckoning: Responds Hillbilly Elegy

Harris, Kamala                                The Truth We Hold

Hollis, Rachel                                   Girl, Stop Apologizing

Houston, Pam                                 Deep Creek

Jones, Doug                                     Bending Toward Justice

Keefe, Patrick                                  Say Nothing

Kelly, Jack                                          The Edge of Anarchy

Kotlowitz, Alex                                An American Summer

Land, Stephanie                              Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay,

Luxendberg, Steve                         Separate

Makos, Adam                                  Spearhead

Mastromonaco, Allysa                  So Here’s the Thing

Olson, Lynne                                    Madame Fourcade’s Secret War

Patterson, Jodie                              The Bold World

Pfaff-Shalmiyev, Sophia                Mother Winter: A Memoir

Phelps, M. William             Where Monsters Hide

Porowski, Antoni                            Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your Life

Rawson, Kerri                                  A Serial Killer’s Daughter

Ridge, Rachel                                   Walking With Henry

Rieckens, Scott                                Playing with Fire: Financial Independence

Robertson, Cara                             The Trial of Lizzie Borden

Seiple, Samantha                           Louisa on the Front Lines

Shapiro, Dani                                  Inheritance

Sims, Cliff                                          Team of Vipers

Sinise, Gary                                      Grateful American

Strathdee, Steffanie                      The Perfect Predator

Thurman, Eric                                 Thrive in Retirement

Tobia, Jacob                                     Sissy: A Coming of Gender Story

Tomlinson, Tommy             The Elephant in the Room

Wallace-Wells, David                     The Uninhabitable Earth

Wilson, Chris                                   The Master Plan: My Journey from Prison

Winfrey, Oprah                               The Path Made Clear

Yip-Williams, Julie                          The Unwinding of the Miracle