New Fiction Titles, January 2024

Adams, Ellery Murder in the Book Lover’s Loft
Armentrout, Jennifer A Soul of Ash and Blood
Bailey, Tessa Wreck the Halls
Baldacci, David The Edge
Barker, Lucy The Other Side of Mrs. Wood
Berenson, Laurien Peg and Rose Stir Up Trouble
Black, Lisa What Harms You
Bradford, Barbara The Wonder of it All
Brown, Millie Bobby Nineteen Steps
Cast, P.C. Out of the Dawn
Clarke, Lucy The Hike
Coates, Darcy Dead of Winter
Coble, Colleen Fragile Designs
Cochran, Rachel The Gulf
Colgan, Jenny The Summer Skies
Day, Jamie The Block Party
Eason, Lynette Countdown
Gray, Shelley Shepard Amish Love Letters
Heard, Wendy You Can Trust Me
Henn, Carsten The Door-To-Door Bookstore
Hoover, Colleen Too Late
Krentz, Jayne The Night Island
McFadden, Freida The Coworker

McKenzie, Catherine Have you Seen Her
McKinty, Adrian The Detective Up Late
Mehl, Nancy Cold Pursuit
O’Donoghue, Caroline The Rachel Incident
Patterson, James Alex Cross Must Die
Rimmer, Kelly The Paris Agent
Rosenblum, Emma Bad Summer People
Ross, Barbara Hidden Beneath
Rum, Etaf Evil Eye
Sites, Kevin The Ocean Above Me
Smith, Zadie The Fraud
Tapper, Jake All the Demons are Here
Unger, Lisa Christmas Presents
Ward, Catriona Looking Glass Sound
Winning, Josh Burn the Negative

New Non-Fiction Titles, January 2024

Ackerman, Jennifer What an Owl Knows
Cook, Lauren Generation Anxiety
Cooper, Anderson Astor
Etheridge, Melissa Talking to My Angels
Flanagan, Kylie Climate Resilience
Hardin, Lara The Many Lives of Mama Love
Macadam, Heather Star Crossed
Maclear, Kyo Unearthing
McPhee, Martha Omega Farm
Napier, Erin Heirloom Rooms
Neus, Nora 24 Hours in Charlottesville
Pinchin, Karen King of Their Own Ocean
Rubin, Rick The Creative Act: A Way of Being
Rush, Elizabeth The Quickening
Schwarzenegger, Arnold Be Useful
Shanklin, Mary American Castle
Shrager, Mark The First Kentucky Derby