New Fiction Titles June 2021

Abrams, Stacey                   While Justice Sleeps

Adams, Ellery                      Murder in the Cookbook Nook

Barclay, Linwood                Find You First

Blackstock, Terri                 Aftermath

Boschwitz, Ulrich               The Passenger

Brown, Carolyn                   Hummingbird Lane

Brown, Dale                         Arctic Storm Rising

Brunstetter, Wanda          Return to the Big Valley

Cameron, Marc                  Bone Rattle

Carr, Jack                              The Devil’s Hand

Clipston, Amy                      The Jam and Jelly Nook

Cussler, Clive                       The Saboteurs

Dave, Laura                          The Last Thing He Told Me

Feng, Linda                          Swimming Back to Trout River

Flower, Amanda                 Lemon Drop Dead

Fraser, Jackie                       The Bookshop of Second Chances

Gates, Eva                            Deadly Ever After

Gnuse, A.J.                           Girl in the Walls

Graham, Heather               The Unforgiven

Gray, Shelley Shepard      An Amish Surprise

Hagberg, David                   Gambit

Haines, Carolyn                  Independent Bones

Hart, Carolyn                       Ghost Blows a Kiss

Henry, Emily                        People We Meet on Vacation

Hilderbrand, Elin                Golden Girl

Hoffmann, R.J.                    Other People’s Children

Hostin, Sunny                     Summer on the Bluffs

Hunter, Stephen                 Basil’s War

Jance, J.A.                            Unfinished Business

Jenoff, Pam                          The Woman with the Blue Star

Johansen, Iris                      The Bullet

Jonasson, Ragnar               The Girl Who Died

Kubica, Mary                       Local Woman Missing

Lippman, Laura                   Dream Girl

Lupica, Mike                        Payback

McDowell, Christina          The Cave Dwellers

Michaels, Fern                    Hidden

Patterson, James                21st Birthday

Patterson, James                The President’s Daughter

Reid, Taylor Jenkins           Malibu Rising

Roberts, Nora                     Legacy

Sardar, Gian                         Take What You Can Carry

Shaara, Jeff                          The Eagle’s Claw

Snelling, Lauraine              The Seeds of Change

Weiner, Jennifer                 That Summer

Weisberger, Lauren           Where the Grass is Green and the Girls are Pretty

Woods, Stuart                     Jackpot

New Non-Fiction Titles, June 2021

Borba, Michele                               Thrivers

DeSilva, Jeremy                              First Steps

Garnett, Kevin                                 KG: A to Z

Ginsburg, Ruth Bader                   Justice, Justice Thou Shalt Pursue

Gordon-Reed, Annette                 On Juneteenth

Klobuchar, Amy                              Antitrust

O’Reilly, Bill                                      Killing the Mob

Revenson, Jody                               Crafting Wizardry

Strauss, Gwen                                 The Nine

Synnott, Mark                                 The Third Pole

Todd, Kim                                         Sensational

Tumulty, Karen                                The Triumph of Nancy Reagan

Unger, Craig                                     American Kompromat

Zelikow, Philip                                 The Road Less Traveled