New Fiction Titles, May, 2024

Andrews, Mary Summers at the Saint
Armstrong, Kelley The Boy Who Cried Bear
Baedel, Sara Dissolved
Baldacci, David A Calamity of Souls
Berry, Steve The Atlas Maneuver
Blake, Matthew Anna O
Brennan, Allison The Missing Witness
Brown, Rita Mae Feline Fatale
Chiaverini, Jennifer The Museum of Lost Quilts
Christensen, Kate Welcome Home, Stranger
Clark, Mary Higgins It Had to Be You
Coben, Harlan Think Twice
Deutermann, P.T. Iwo, 26 Charlie
Deveraux, Jude An Unfinished Murder
Eason, Lynette Double Take
Elston, Ashley First Lie Wins
Finn, A.J. End of Story
Fisher, Suzanne Love on a Whim
Frantz, Laura The Seamstress of Acadie
Graham, Heather Death Behind Every Door
Gray, Shelley Unforgiven
Hallett, Janice The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels
Hawkins, Rachel The Heiress

Hyde, Catherine Ryan A Different Kind of Gone
James, Elizabeth The Bullet Swallower
Johns, Patricia Murder of an Amish Bridegroom
Johnson, Craig First Frost
King, Laurie The Lantern’s Dance
King, Stephen You Like it Darker
Maas, Sarah J. House of Flame and Shadow
Marrs, John The Vacation
Matchar, Emily In the Shadow of the Greenbrier
McFadden, Freida The Teacher
Mosse, Kate The Ghost Ship
Muller, Marcia Circle in the Water
Oates, Joyce Carol Butcher
Paris, B.A. The Guest
Perry, Thomas Hero
Peters, Amanda The Berry Pickers
Peterson, Tracie With Each Tomorrow
Reid, Kiley Come and Get It
Roberts, Nora Mind Games
Santlofer, Jonathan The Lost Van Gogh
Steel, Danielle Only the Brave
Thayer, Nancy The Summer We Started Over
Ware, Ruth One Perfect Couple
Willingham, Stacy Only If You’re Lucky

New Non-Fiction Titles, May 2024

Appelman, J. Reuben While Idaho Slept
Arroll, Meg Tiny Traumas
Avena, Nicole Sugarless
Blackhawk, Ned The Rediscovery of America
Campbell, Alyssa Tiny Humans, Big Emotions
Clarren, Rebecca The Cost of Free Land
Coppins, McKay Romney: A Reckoning
Crosley, Sloane Grief is for People
Desmond, Matthew Poverty, By America
Dunn, Harry Standing My Ground
Edmondson, Amy Right Kind of Wrong
Eig, Jonathan King, A Life
Enss, Chris The Doctor Was a Woman
Finkel, Michael The Art Thief
Graydon, Samuel Einstein in Time and Space
Gulman, Gary Misfit
Gundry, Steven Gut Check
Guthrie, Savannah Mostly What God Does
Hale, Grace In the Pines
Harmon, Mark Ghosts of Honolulu
Hunter, Lanny Exit Wounds: A Vietnam Elegy
Kinzinger, Adam Renegade
Klein, Naomi Doppelganger

Land, Stephanie Class: A Memoir
Landis, Paul The Final Witness
Matney, Mandy Blood on Their Hands
Nicholson, David The Garretts of Columbia
Norman, Phillip George Harrison
Ogbar, Jeffrey America’s Black Capital
Olsen, Gregg The Amish Wife
Peiffer, Prudence The Slip
Pence, Mike Go Home for Dinner
Preston, Douglas The Lost Tomb
Quinn, Tom Gilded Youth
Ranganath, Charan Why We Remember
Renkl, Margaret The Comfort of Crows
Renner, Rebecca Gator Country
Ritchie, Hannah Not the End of the World
Roy, Jessica American Girls
Smith, Brenda Becoming Fearless
Smith, Jada Pinkett Worthy
Stannard, Brian Alcatraz Ghost Story
Streisand, Barbra My Name is Barbra
Vaillant, John Fire Weather
Winkler, Henry Being Henry