New Fiction Titles, April 2023

Adler-Olsen, Jussi The Shadow Murders

Atwood, Margaret Old Babes in the Wood

Baldacci, David Simply

Berry, Steve The Last Kingdom

Carter, A.F. The Hostage

Christie, Annette For Twice in My Life

Clark, Mary Higgins Where are the Children Now?

Clipston, Amy Something Old, Something New

Crownover, James Buffalo Soldier Odyssey

Delany, Vicki The Game is a Footnote

Denton, Lauren A Place to Land

Eason, Lynette Critical Threat

Finger, Bobby The Old Place

Fuller, Kathleen The Courtship Plan

Graham, Heather Shadow of Death

Gray, Shelley Shepard Once Upon a Buggy

Griffiths, Elly Bleeding Heart Yard

Hamilton, Laurell K. Smolder

Heisey, Monica Really Good, Actually

Hillier, Jennifer Things We Do in the Dark

Hoover, Colleen Never Never

Horowitz, Anthony The Twist of a Knife

Karp, Marshall NYPD Red 7

Kells, Claire An Unforgiving Place

Kuang, R.F. Babel

Landay, William All That Is Mine I Carry with Me

Lourey, Jess The Quarry Girls

Ma, Ling Bliss Montage 

Mackintosh, Clare The Last Party

Marrs, John Keep It in the Family

Martin, Kat One Last Chance

McFadden, Freida The Housemaid

Napolitano, Ann Hello Beautiful

Oates, Joyce Carol 48 Clues into the Disappearance of My Sister

Perry, Anne The Fourth Enemy

Peterson, Tracie Remember Me

Robotham, Michael Lying Beside You

Sandford, John Dark Angel

Saunders, George Liberation Day

Shapiro, Dani Signal Fires

Sittenfeld, Curtis Romantic Comedy

Snelling, Lauraine Fields of Bounty

Stabenow, Dana Not the Ones Dead

Turow, Scott Suspect

White, Loreth The Maid’s Diary

Winspear, Jacqueline The White Lady

Woodsmall, Cindy Yesterday’s Gone

New Non-Fiction Titles, April 2023

Anderson, Pamela Love, Pamela

Bella, Timothy Barkley

DeSantis, Ron The Courage to Be Free

Doyne, Maggie Between the Mountains and the Sky

Duke, Annie Quit

Dunlap, Tori Financial Feminist

Hasan, Mehdi Win Every Argument

Hays, Carolyn A Girlhood

Humes, Edward The Forever Witness

Inboden, William The Peacemaker

Lamp’l, Joe Vegetable Gardening Book

Macchio, Ralph Waxing On

Meyer, Joyce Loving People Who are Hard to Love

Odell, Jenny Saving Time

Rowe, Peggy Vacuuming in the Nude

Sowards, Jessica The First-Time Homesteader

Sund, Steven Courage Under Fire

Tamkin, Emily Bad Jews

Thunberg, Greta The Climate Book

Urban, Melissa The Book of Boundaries