New Fiction Titles April 2021

Adams, Hope                      Dangerous Women

Ardone, Viola                      The Children’s Train

Babitt, Debbie                     Saving Grace

Berry, Steve                         The Kaiser’s Web

Brown, Gregory                  The Lowering Days

Burdick, Serena                  Find Me in Havana

Callahan, Patti                     Surviving Savannah

Cambron, Kristy                  The Paris Dressmaker

Charles, Janet                     The Paris Library

Clark, Tracy                          What You Don’t See

Coben, Harlan                     Win

Colasati, Melissa                Call Me Elizabeth Lark

Cooper, Helen                     The Downstairs Neighbor

Coster, Naima                     What’s Mine and Yours

Dailey, Janet                        Calder Brand

Desmond, Sean                  Sophomores

Druart, Ruth                        While Paris Slept

Dupee, Jennifer                  The Little French Bridal Shop

Engel, Patricia                     Infinite Country

Evanovich, Janet                The Bounty

Flynn, Laurie                        The Girls are All So Nice Here

Freitas, Donna                    The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano

Greaney, Mark                    Relentless

Grisham, John                     Sooley

Hauty, Chris                         Savage Road

Haynes, Natalie                  A Thousand Ships

Horrocks, Caitlin                 Life Among the Terranauts

Johnson, Nancy                  The Kindness Lie

Johnson, Sadeqa                Yellow Wife

Jonasson, Ragnar               Winterkill

Jones, Nick                           And Then She Vanished

Kelly, Julia                             Last Garden in England

Kepnes, Caroline                You Love Me

Land, Jon                              Margaret Truman’s Murder on the Metro

Landau, Alexis                     Those Who Are Saved

Layden, Emily                      All Girls

Leigh, Melinda                    Drown Her Sorrows

Michaels, Fern                    No Way Out

Montgomery, Jess             The Still

Moss, Sarah                         Summer Water

Munier, Paula                      The Hiding Place

Patterson, James                The Red Book

Penner, Sarah                      The Lost Apothecary

Perry, Anne                          Death with a Double Edge

Quinn, Kate                          The Rose Code

Reynolds, Allie                    Shiver

Riggs, Ransom                    The Desolations of Devil’s Acre

Ryan, Rachel                        The Woman Outside My Door

Santopolo, Jill                      Everything After

Scottoline, Lisa                   Eternal

Singh, Nalini                        Quiet in Her Bones

Stonex, Emma                     The Lamplighters

Stuart, Douglas                   Shuggie Bain

Tudor, C.J.                            The Burning Girls

Vida, Vendela                      We Run the Tides

Weber, David                      Into the Light

Weir, Alison                         Katheryn Howard: The Scandalous Queen

Whitaker, Chris                   We Begin at the End

Willig, Lauren                      Band of Sisters

Winspear, Jacqueline        The Consequences of Fear

Winter, Jessica                    The Fourth Child

New Non-Fiction Titles, April 2021

Attenborough, David        A Life on Our Planet

Beck, Koa                              White Feminism

Bittman, Mark                    Animal, Vegetable, Junk

Bren, Paulina                       The Barbizon

Brewer, Judson                   Unwinding Anxiety

Brooks, Rosa                        Tangled in Blue

Cooke, Julia                          Come Fly the World

Cowan, Justine                    The Secret Life of Dorothy Soames

Didion, Joan                        Let Me Tell You What I Mean

Engelhaupt, Erika               Gory Details

Gates, Bill                             How to Avoid a Climate Disaster

Gates, Jr., Henry                 The Black Church

Geller, Danielle                   Dog Flowers

Genova, Lisa                        Remember: The Science of Memory

Gifford, Kathie                    It’s Never Too Late

Gilmour, Charlie                 Featherhood

Gupta, Sanjay                      Keep Sharp

Jaouad, Suleika                   Between Two Kingdoms

Jenkins, Jedidiah                Like Streams to the Ocean

Johnson, Elle                       The Officer’s Daughter

Kingsolver, Barbara           How to Fly

Kross, Ethan                         Chatter

Lance, Rachel                      In the Waves

Lemon, Don                         This is the Fire

LePera, Nicole                     How to Do the Work

Lima, Jamie Kern                Believe It: How to Go from Underestimated

Loftis, Larry                         The Princess Spy

May, Katherine                    Wintering

McGhee, Heather              What Racism Costs Everyone

Nesteroff, Kliph                  We Had a Little Real Estate Problem

Ngo, Andy                            Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan

Oates, Joyce Carol             American Melancholy Poems

Pitzer, Andrea                     Icebound

Ramsey, Drew                     Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety

Rodman, Liza                       The Babysitter

Stewart, Martha                 Martha Stewart’s Very Good Things

Taraborrelli, J. Randy        Grace & Steel

Tyson, Cicely                        Just As I Am

Tyson, Neil deGrasse         Cosmic Queries

Weddle, Kevin                     The Compleat Victory

Zanglein, Jayne                   The Girl Explorers

Zimmer, Carl                        Life‘s Edge