New Fiction Titles February 2021

Armstrong, Kelley                          A Stitch in Time

Audrain, Ashley                              The Push

Benjamin, Melanie                        The Children’s Blizzard

Bonidan, Cathy                               The Lost Manuscript

Bruce, Camilla                                 In The Garden of Spite

Butcher, Jim                                     Battle Ground

Castillo, Linda                                 A Simple Murder

Childs, Laura                                    Egg Shooters

Crawford, Isis                                  A Catered Book Club

Driscoll, Sara                                   Leave No Trace

Fox, Sarah                                        The Malt in our Stars

Gohlke, Cathy                                  Night Bird Calling

Graves, Stephanie                          Olive Bright, Pigeoneer

Gray, Shelley Shepard                  A Perfect Amish Romance

Hannah, Kristin                               The Four Winds

Hill, Edwin                                        Watch Her

Johansen, Iris                                  Blink of an Eye

Jones, Stephen                               The Only Good Indians

Kellerman, Jonathan                     Serpentine

Kelton, Elmer                                  The Cowboy Way

Langan, Sarah                                 Good Neighbors

Mallery, Susan                                The Vineyard at Painted Moon

Martin, Danielle                             Glimmer as You Can

Petrie, Nick                                      The Breaker

Powell, Karen                                  The River Within

Rice, Luanne                                    The Shadow Box

Robb, J.D.                                         Faithless in Death

Roslund, Anders                             Knock Knock

Rous, Emma                                    The Perfect Guests

Shalvis, Jill                                        The Forever Girl

St. James, Dorothy                        The Broken Spine

Stabenow, Dana                             Spoils of the Dead

New Non-Fiction Titles, February 2021

Ackerman, Jennifer                       The Bird Way

Birbiglia, Mike                                 The New One

Bruni, Amy                                       Life with the Afterlife

Buttigieg, Pete                                Trust

Chang, David                                   Eat a Peach

Christakis, Nicholas                       Apollo’s Arrow

Cooper, Becky                                 We Keep the Dead Close

DeCaro, Jr.,  Louis                          The Untold Story of Shields Green

Douglas, John                                 The Killer’s Shadow

Drummond, Ree                             Frontier Follies

Francis, Pope                                   Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future

Greene, Brian                                 Until the End of Time

Harvey, Miles                                   The King of Confidence

Jackson, Jeffrey                               Paper Bullets

Kalb, Bess                                         Nobody Will Tell You This but Me

Kotb, Hoda                                       This Just Speaks to Me

Loeb, Avi                                           Extraterrestrial

MacIntyre, Ben                               Agent Sonya

Neumann, Ariana                          When Time Stopped

Osnos, Evan                                     Joe Biden

Owens, Candace                            Blackout

Pearson, Bradford                          The Eagles of Heart Mountain

Phelps, M. William                        We Thought We Knew You

Quinn, Colin                        Overstated