New Fiction Titles, August 2022

Bayard, Louis Jackie And Me
Brunstetter, Wanda The Apple Creek Announcement
Carr, Jack In the Blood
Center, Katherine The Bodyguard
Childs, Laura A Dark and Stormy Tea
Coble, Colleen Edge of Dusk
Connolly, Rebecca A Brilliant Night of Stars and Ice
Coulter, Catherine Reckoning
Crawford, Iris A Catered Doggie Wedding
Crouch, Blake Upgrade
Dark, Alice Fellowship Point
Dye, Ginny Courage to Stand
Fielding, Joy The Housekeeper
Freeman, Brian The Bourne Sacrifice
Gabhart, Ann When the Meadow Blooms
Garwood, Julie Grace Under Fire
Goldberg, Lee Movieland
Graham, Heather Aura of Night
Greaney, Mark Armored
Hall, Rachel Howzell We Lie Here
Higgins, Kristan Out of the Clear Blue Sky
Hilderbrand, Elin The Hotel Nantucket
Jenner, Natalie Bloomsbury Girls

Jewell, Lisa The Family Remains
Johansen, Iris A Face to Die For
Lovering, Carola Can’t Look Away
Martin, Kat The Last Mile
McCall Smith, Alexander The Sweet Remnants of Summer
Miranda, Megan The Last To Vanish
Moore, Meg Mitchell Vacationland
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia The Daughter of Doctor Moreau
Myers, Tamar Death by Tart Attack
Oates, Joyce Carol Babysitter
Pearse, Sarah The Retreat
Perrotta, Tom Tracy Flick Can’t Win
Peterson, Tracie Beyond the Desert Sands
Pettrey, Dani The Deadly Shallows
Roberts, Nora Summer Promises
Roberts, Sheila Sand Dollar Lane
Rosenfelt, David Holy Chow
Sager, Riley The House Across the Lake
Sanders, Shelly Daughters of the Occupation
Van Pelt, Shelby Remarkably Bright Creatures
Vaughan, Sarah Reputation
Warren, Susan May Sunrise
White, Kate The Second Husband
Wiggins, Marianne Properties of Thirst

New Non-Fiction Titles, August 2022

Buck, Rinker Life on the Mississippi

Denton, Sally The Colony

Emerson, Rick Unmask Alice

Esper, Mark A Sacred Oath

Henry, Alan Seen, Heard & Paid

Higham, Scott American Cartel

Hollywood, Paul Bake

Inchauspe, Jessie Glucose Revolution

Johnson, Kirk The Fisherman and the Dragon

Morris, Dick The Return

Ray, Victor On Critical Race Theory

Reginato, James Growing Up Getty

Roem, Danica Burn the Page

Sottile, Leah When the Moons Turns to Blood

Thottam, Jyoti Sisters of Mokama

Vikre, Emily The Family Camp Cookbook

Weaver, Stephanie The Migraine Relief Plan Cookbook