New Fiction Titles December 2021

Abercrombie, Joe The Wisdom of Crowds

Austin, Lynn Chasing Shadows

Balogh, Mary Someone Perfect

Banville, John April in Spain

Candlish, Louise The Other Passenger

Carson, Scott Where They Wait

Connolly, John The Nameless Ones

Cornwell, Patricia Autopsy

Deaver, Jeffery The Midnight Lock

Delaney, Vicki Murder in a Teacup

Deutermann, P.T. Trial by Fire

Doer, Anthony Cloud Cuckoo Land

Erdrich, Louise The Sentence

Escandon, Maria L.A. Weather

Fluke, Joanne Christmas Dessert Murder

Gabaldon, Diana Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone

Gray, Shelley Shepard A Christmas Courtship

Griffin, W.E.B. Rogue Asset

Groff, Lauren Matrix

Halperin, Hanna Something Wild

Hankin, Laura A Special Place for Women

Harris, C.S. What the Devil Knows

Harris, Joanne Honeycomb

Harrow, Alix A Spindle Splintered

Hatcher, Robin Lee Make You Feel My Love

Hunter, Denise Autumn Skies

Kirkpatrick, Jane The Healing of Natalie Curtis

Kleypas, Lisa Devil in Disguise

Lewis, Amy A Mountain of Evidence

Lewis, Linden The Second Rebel

Marcot, Lindsay Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost

Martin, Kat The Last Goodnight

Mayor, Archer Marked Man

McCall Smith, Alexander The Joy and Light Bus Company

McKinlay, Jenn Wait For It

Murphy, Julie If the Shoe Fits

Mustian, Kelly The Girls in the Stilt House

Norman, Matthew All Together Now

Onuzo, Chibundu Sankofa

Palmer, Diana Notorious

Park, Suzanne So We Meet Again

Parks, Brad Unthinkable

Patterson, James City of the Dead

Patterson, James Fear No Evil

Peterson, Tracie Waiting in Love

Picoult, Jodi Wish you Were Here

Priest, Cherie Grave Reservations

Rader-Day, Lori Death at Greenway

Reed, Ava The Wolf and the Woodsman

Rimmer, Kelly The Warsaw Orphan

Robotham, Mandy The Girl Behind the Wall

Ross, Joann The Inheritance

Sawyer, Kim Vogel Freedom’s Song

Saylor, Steven Dominus

Shipman, Viola The Clover Girls

Thomas, Jodi Dinner on Primrose Hill

Weiss, Leah All the Little Hopes

New Non-Fiction Titles, December 2021

Barrymore, Drew Rebel Homemaker

Bender, Michael “Frankly, We Did Win This Election”

Boehner, John On the House

Bourdain, Anthony World Travel: An Irreverent Guide

Bowler, Kate No Cure for Being Human

Bream, Shannon The Women in the Bible Speak

Brown, Brene Atlas of the Heart

Brown, Daniel Facing the Mountain

Brown, Julie K. Perversion of Justice

Bush, George W. Out of Many, One

Dettmer, Philipp Immune

Diamant, Anita Period. End of Sentence.

Flyn, Cal Islands of Abandonment

Fox, Margalit The Confidence Men

Grossi, Craig Second Chances

Hawley, Josh The Tyranny of Big Tech

Henderson, Danielle The Ugly Cry

Hirono, Mazie Heart of Fire

Jobb, Dean The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream

Kean, Sam The Icepick Surgeon

Leonnig, Carol Zero Fail

Lustig, Robert Metabolical

Mayer, Emeran The Gut-Immune Connection

McHugh, Jess Americanon

Merriman, Helena Tunnel 29

Milano, Alyssa Sorry Not Sorry

Navarro, Joe Be Exceptional

Nolan, Savala Don’t Let It Get You Down

Oppedisano, Tony Sinatra and Me

Orlean, Susan On Animals

Rothschild, Mike The Storm is Upon Us

Russo, Francine Love after 50

Small, Scott Forgetting: The Benefits of Not Remembering

Smith, Will Will

Tucker, Abigail Mom Genes

Warren, Elizabeth Persist